Saturday, 5 January 2013

Fund Raising for Unicef

As the New Year gets under way and life settles down into the regular pattern of our daily routines, I have decided to set myself a challenge. After watching John Bishop enduring his Week of Hell last year in aid of Sport Relief, I felt inspired to get off my arse and do the same. Ok, so it wont be on the same scale but I still want to raise money to help the Children of the World. In my eyes, John is an absolute legend. He has set himself a huge challenge which any athlete would find trying. Not only did he complete it at a physical cost to himself but also raised £4,000,000 in the process! 

I am not planing to do the same or even similar to John Bishop. I know my limitations and support network! 
I have set myself a challenge to raise £1,000 for Unicef this year. I am finding it harder and harder to watch the adverts of starving children around the world, with no family and nowhere to go. No child should have to live like that these days. I hope in my life time this will cease to be a problem and children with all have somewhere safe to go with food to eat. 

This year I will enter a 5km run in May and a 10 km run in June. I am hugely unfit and am carrying a large amount of baby weight that needs shifting. I also have a small problem with my knees but I am hoping to work through the discomfort to fitten them up again. 

I am also planning to do a Tandem Skydive in Salisbury. I'm not sure of the date yet as I have yet to register to jump. I shall be paying for the jump myself, rather than using sponsorship money. Any money donated either to me or through my Just Giving page will go directly to Unicef. 

I am sure I will think up some other slightly odd things to do throughout the year so I hope you will be as generous as you can. I have added a button to my blog so you can find my fund raising page quickly and easily. Lets make a difference this year!


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  1. Well done you, what a great challenge to set yourself! I promise to donate a few pounds for each of your challenges!


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