Monday, 11 February 2013

First Day of Training

Today, I decided to go for a test run. Yes, a test run. The first time out running in my trainers. Also I have been having a pain in the heel of my foot for the last week, which has a very similar description to Plantar Fasciitis. I wanted to know how it would feel as sometimes just standing is painful.

For the last week now I have had a pain in my foot at the point where your heel starts to slope into the arch of your foot. It feels better if I'm on carpet or wearing soft soled shoes. Sometimes it doesn't hurt at all until I lean slightly to one side then the pain is back.

I am sure it is just an over stretched something or other and refuse to believe it is Plantar Fasciitis. That is a very painful, restrictive condition and I suspect it would end my running days before they began. I thought I would add this picture as it shows where the pain is but also I really like the Batman style flash where the pain would be - Kapow!

I put on my snazzy new trainers with the intention of walking the dog and trying a bit of a jog to see how I got on. If you haven't seen them yet, here they are. I know, Woop Wooo!

Not my first choice of colour I must admit but they all look the same covered in mud, right? They are made by Karrimor (yes, the walking shoe people). They are now designing trainers as well. The chap in the shop was explaining that, "although Karrimor are a really good, reliable make they have yet to prove themselves in the sport shoe market which is why they are relatively cheap. These will inevitably be the best buy considering the amount of technology that has gone into designing them".  Well done that man you have made a sale!
There is loads of ventilation in them (as you can see from the pcture) so no stinky, sweaty feet for me, Hurrah!! As for the other picture, they insisted on posing for a shot.

Anyway, I set off with my faithful hound feeling like the man from the Tracker advert (yes, I'm that old!). There must be enough gel in these babies to fill a paddling pool! My foot didn't hurt so that's marvelous in my book. We crossed over to the lane where I let the dog off and I decided to have a little jog up there. Not too bad but could feel it a little in my legs. We walked down the steps and back up the other side to the church, then followed the road down to the bottom of the hill. There is a disused track that runs parallel to the way we came so I had a little jog up there. It's a longer hill so I didn't quite make the top but I'm happy with what I have done today. Also very please having been back an hour and no foot pain, Yay!! Flippin' starving though!!

There is a site called Walk, Jog, Run where you can map your route. It can calculate the distance, speed and calories used by putting in the time it took. Amazing stuff, huh! There are some routes already on there if you fancy trying somewhere new. There is a short description so you know what you're letting yourself in for!!
Here is the route we did today.



1.2 miles / 1.9312128 km
Created 02.11.13 by guest

2 short hills

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