Friday, 8 February 2013

Happy Birthday Granny

Today was my Grannys birthday. She would have been 98 years old today. Can you imagine being born in 1915 and seeing all that she has seen? It totally floors me when I think about it.

She's an amazing lady and although I didn't celebrate today in any great way, I was thinking of her all day. To make the day stand out a little more I thought I would take photos of all the things we did today and share them with you. I hope she had a great day with my Grandad at last.

I read on a friends blog about "Pram Cam". Kat (I Saw You Dancing) gives her daughter her camera while she's in the buggy and sees what she takes. I thought this was a great idea so I tried it with Chaos today. He was ok for 5 minutes. Then he wanted to try and take the buttons off and poke things in the lens. A few more years before we try Crazy Cam again!

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Here are a few photos taken throughout the day.
Due to the madness of teatime there are none from then on!

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From 1-9
1. Dough in Grannys breadmaker
2. Washing
3. Ready to go for a walk
4. Chaos walking dogs the hill
5. Snowdrops
6. Drink and a biscuit
7. Cuppa for Mummy
8. Sleeping Chaos
9. Sleeping Squishy

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From 1-5 
1. Bread rolls in the oven
2. Bit of emailing and bloging
3. Pasta bake for tea
4. Cake made by Big
5. Little Squish

My favourite part of the day, other than Squish saying "Dirty" for the first time,
was this short clip of Chaos walking the dog for the first time.

Chaos was running along happily and he shouted over his shoulder
"I'm having fun, Mummy" 
Such a sweet thing to hear him say. 

Happy Birthday Granny. I hope you had a most fantastically, wonderful day.
Much love and missing you


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