Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Two Faced

Two-Faced - marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another. That is the description in the dictionary. If you're told someone is two faced, what would that mean to you? 

To me, if someone is called two faced they are untrustworthy. They are acting under false pretenses for one reason or another. These are people I would be wary of sharing confidential information with.

The reason for this post is because I had a realisation at work today. As I was listening to the latest round of 

"... and they just stand around chatting all day. They never offer any help and we are run off our feet!" I found myself agreeing and offering similar situations to the pot. I didn't say anything derogatory about anyone, just merely agreed that I had witnessed a similar situation. 

It was a bit later (after yet another of these conversations between different members of staff) that I started to wonder if there was anyone at all who was trust worthy? Did everyone moan and complain about everyone else? I know small businesses have a tendency towards gossip as there are fewer staff and everyone works in closer proximity to each other. Watching all the staff interact as a new comer it is hard to tell which of the relationships are actually genuine. I know I have had three years out of a working environment but is this really what people have evolved into? Is this what happens after a few years of bitching on social media? The edges become blurred and you can't tell the difference between real and virtual interaction. 

I digress. The thought that occurred to me today was, am I one of them? Do people think I am two faced purely because I agree with them? Having read the definition, it would appear that I am. I am quite upset about this as I have no desire to be labelled under this heading, as I'm sure many people don't! I do try my best not to be negative about anyone (unless I'm really annoyed!) or enter into idle gossip. 

It then made me think about my view of the people I work with. I like them all. They are a great team to work with. At the same time I can see their weaknesses and where they could improve to become an amazing team. I also know I wouldn't socialise with any of them. Not because they aren't nice people, just because they are the people I work with. I have always kept those two area of my life separate. I have no idea why. Maybe it is an attempt to keep my private life private should they run out of gossip fodder.

After thinking about this today, I am no closer to a conclusion. I have just made the decision to remove myself from any conversation that takes a negative turn. I don't want to become a gossip monger or to become known as two faced. You can find me oozing positivity and happiness from my till! 


  1. It is easy to do it without realising, it doesn't necessarily mean you are a bad person because like you said, that was not your intention & some things like that are said & meant entirely without malice. But good for you for looking for the positives, a wonderful way to be x

  2. I found myself in similar situations in my last job in a shop wi a staff of under 10, I grew very good at non-comittal noises and tried to stay out of having opinions myself!

  3. Good for you! I sometimes fear I am being bitchy, although it's really not in my nature at all. I say something for comedy, then think, oh dear, did that come across as bitchy? But everyone in our office likes a good gossip. I can only assume they must do it about me when I'm not there, although it would be nice if they didn't!


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