Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Reason to be Proud and Cheerful!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
This week I thought I would join in with these two fabulous linkies that I haven't joined for a while as I have some brilliant news.

Due to the current situation at home, we decided to put Squish into nursery for some taster sessions with a view to both boys gradually increasing their hours so my husband can at least get a part time job. On Tuesday I popped in to nursery and picked up the forms for Squish and arranged for him to have his first session the next day.

To say I was worried was an understatement. Squish is a bit special to me, as I have previously mentioned, so I had my reservations about him going to nursery at all. I just wasn't sure he was ready as he is quite clingy at home and I couldn't see him settling well with strangers at all.

That was my mistake! We went in to his room and met all the lovely staff. They were very welcoming to Squish and he beamed back at them. Within a few minutes he was off and playing in the little play house and sharing toys with the other children. He was having a wonderful time and happily waved goodbye when it was time for us to leave him.

I think I was more upset than he was! When we came to pick him up I couldn't get there fast enough. I was expecting a weepy bundle or a human tornado to fly into my arms but no. He didn't even notice I was there! I caught his eye and he beamed his big grin but he carried on playing in the play house. I chatted for a while with the carers but he was still quite happy playing.

When we left I felt so relieved. I couldn't believe how worried I had been about leaving him. I realised that I would have left my job rather than make him go to nursery, I felt that strongly about it. He has had another great day there today so I am more than happy to leave him for the day next week. I am sooo proud of him, I can't tell you. My little baby is taking his first steps to independence.

Ironically, it was Chaos that got upset being left today. I have a feeling he is sickening for something as he has been quite sensitive and weepy recently. Only time will tell with that one though.


  1. So glad he settled in well hun. Usually the way huh? And I hope Chaos isn't coming down with anything, fingers crossed! xx

  2. How wonderful! We so often underestimate our children don't we? A classic case of us mums having to learn to 'let go'! Lovely post x

  3. Oh yea!! So glad he did so well and was so happy. I think it is often us moms who worry even more than the kids.

    thanks so much for linking up!

  4. Oh! I still find it had leaving my little one at school, so glad he likes it. Definitely hope chaos isn't coming down with anything x

  5. I can only imagine what it would have felt like... looking positive though. Way to go Squishy. (PS: love your pet names for your kids - laughing, adorable.)

  6. I am so glad he settled in ok. Cameron had no problems settling in, I on the other hand was crying... a lot

    Laura x x x

  7. How brilliant that your little one settled in so well and surprised you. A great reason to be positive!

    Hopping over from #R2BC

  8. Every time I expect something of my kids I find they baffle me. When my girls started school I thought Miss M would be fine and Miss E clingy and no it was the other way!

    So glad your squish did so well. Lovely to have you join in #R2BC again.

    Mich x


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