Friday, 13 September 2013


Today has been such a beautiful day. Once the boys were in bed, I sat down with my sister. We both brought our angel cards, tarot cards, crystals, runes and dowser. She lit a candle and we started by drawing an angel card each. Through using different ways we discovered things that are currently holding us back or preventing us moving forward. We need to take more time to determine our next course of action but we are both heading for greater things. It also seems we will be investing in a joint venture in the near future, which is exciting! 

Shortly after, the boys woke up so we had some lunch before heading off to Glastonbury. I haven't been there for years and several places had changed a fair bit. It was a shame we didn't get there until quite late but probably a blessing for the boys. 

There are so many gorgeous shops full of amazing books, crystals and other beautiful things. Here are my treasures from today. 
I have a candle and holder. There is nothing quite like candle light to soothe and calm frazzled nerves. 
I bought a copy of Kindred Spirit. I used to buy this every month but haven't been able to find it anywhere near me.
I bought a CD about the Indigo, Crystal  and Rainbow Children by Doreen Virtue. My boys are all very sensitive in different ways and I need as much help as I can get with Chaos. 
Some Native American Medicine Cards. A friend of mine had some and I used to love using them when I popped round to her house. 

I also bought a gorgeous Rose Quartz dowser with chakra stones round it.
I found a sparkly star pendant too that I fell in love with although I have no idea what crystal it is.

Lastly, I bought a book called "Your psychic child". Should my boys have any of the same experiences I did as a child I thought this might help me support them. My parents always brushed it off and never took me seriously. I don't want to do that to my boys but I also don't want to upset them by saying or implying the wrong thing. 

I am very happy with my lovely gifts and shall be found with my head in some new reading matter for the next few weeks!


  1. That all sounds like a very positive day. I hope it helps xxx

  2. I love that star pendant and the Rose Quartz, very beautiful! Hope you're well xxx

  3. Ooooh you have made me want to dig out my cards and crystals! I might do that tonight!


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