Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Yes, today has essentially, been one of those days. I know I'm on a mission to be more positive in my outlook and today I have found things positively ANNOYING!!

Soggy Coco Pops stuck to my socks after they have been catapulted into space by Chaos and his spoon. 

More Coco Pops as Squish tries to copy his brother in the art of the catapult (spoon). 

Fresh soggy socks after the dog has been out in the rain and had a drink on her way past. (She taught Chaos his table manners).

(NB for anyone who doesn't know, I don't like, can't stand, HATE wet socks)

Husband was in a kind of "Grunty" mood. Similar to a teenager but more irritating. 

Boys emptied entire big chest of drawers on the landing. Brilliant.

Keep finding stickers everywhere. Chaos

The bloody hose kept coming off the vacuum so hoovering took forever. It's broken and they "Don't make that part anymore" Grrr

Had to speak to awful, irritating health visitor about an appointment for Chaos. (She was in a mood which made me smile. My baaad!!)

Stickers on my socks. Bloody Chaos

Realised Big has a science experiment growing on his bedroom window due to condensation. Spent ages cleaning off mould and aired bedroom. He keeps his curtains shut so his fish is now afraid of the light!!

Finally got time to put up the rail in the cupboard and I can't drill deep enough to fit the raw plugs. No built in wardrobe yet then.

Spaghetti on my socks, ffs.

Squish had a poo in the bath for the first time ever. Coincidentally, Chaos did the same thing last night for the first time (Conspiracy)

Bloody kids wouldn't go to sleep. 

Husband got v moody and told me to leave the boys to him (Total shocker!)

Table still covered in spaghetti.

More effing, stringy shit on my socks.


No tea either- flippin detox bolloxy crap

Let dog out + Rain = Wet Floor  You know what that means... Yep, another pair of wet bloody socks.

Put socks in washing basket and realised my beloved children have filled the bloody thing AGAIN. (I did 3 loads today and 2 yesterday = not impressed).


So, after a bit of stomping about (quietly so I didn't wake the bloody kids) I made a hot chocolate, got some crisps and popped in to the Twitterverse. Needless to say, I now feel much better. A small link up with the lovely ladies makes me feel much better. Also helps there are no men in this room, sleeping, grumpy or otherwise. 

I was thinking about writing this post earlier and realised that in mentally writing it I was becoming less annoyed. That is the power of blogging. I then tried to think of the other things that had happened in a positive light. Like my husband telling me the boys go to sleep better if just one of us puts them to bed. Initially, I was quite hurt, offended and annoyed about it. Stupidly, I thought "This is MY bloody job. I do this every day when you go to work. I know them better than you blah, blah, blah....." 

I realised, even more annoyingly, that he was right. We may not put them to bed the same way (which is probably why they muck about when we do it together) but we get the same result and that's what counts. I also realised that this is the first time he has noticed something isn't working well and stood up to me on it. I know I reacted badly (and I'll apologize later) but it's a great thing as it means we are more of a team. That he is feeling more confident with them too. That is a really great thing! 

The moral of the day is: you can find a positive if you really want to look for it but it takes effort and sometimes, a little more effort! 

My Guys
They are all wonderful and I wouldn't have a minute without them!

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