Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I Know What You Did Last Night...

Maybe a little.....

The sound of the eiderdowns crinkling seemed deafening in the silence
With just enough space I slid under the soft cover
The warmth was heaven as the covers wrapped round me
I lay there

An ear splitting cry rang out through the dark
My absence was noted
Padding back to your little bed
Popping your dummy back in your mouth and giving you your cloth
You settled down with company
Quietly, I tiptoed back to bed

I soon got comfortable in the warm bed
Sighing deeply, I relaxed
Images of the day played on my eyelids
A familiar sound made me stir
Like the crack of thunder your cry split the air again
Surely you must sleep soon

Three hours later and I'm shattered
Finally you drift off to sleep
Peace at last
Sleep whisks me away with haste
But not for long....
Your brother is awake

I am linking this up to Wednesdays Words hosted by Crazy With Twins. I can't get the linky badge to work but it looks like this:

Wednesday Words


  1. haha brilliant! I have evenings like that sometimes! You have illustrated it beautifully with your words. Thankyou for linking up Xx

  2. This is what I have to look forward to soon! Lovely poem x

  3. Your 'blank verse' style puts across beautifully the semi-conscious state of mind of an over-tired parent! Well done!


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