Sunday, 3 February 2013

Keep Them Close

"Keep them close, Kathryn." These are some of the best words of advice my mother has given me. Having read tonight about a family suddenly losing it's youngest member, it has reminded me and many other parents not to take any of these precious moments for granted.
I learnt a valuable lesson very recently, when my Granny passed away. I kept saying to myself "I must pop in and see her tomorrow." I didn't pop in nearly as much as I wanted to but I always thought I could do it tomorrow. Sadly, my Granny ran out of tomorrows before I got to see her. I wont make that mistake again, definitely not with my beautiful boys. So, if nothing else, keep them close.


  1. I completely agree. Your mum has wise words indeed. The last time I spoke with my Gran before she passed away, was to tell her I loved her and that I would visit her on the Saturday. Sadly, my gran was rushed into hospital unexpectedly and passed away on 'the Saturday'. That makes me feel so sad but it also was a stark reminder of how precious my family and friends are. I hope you are ok and love to you & your family xxx the pic is ace!

  2. Doesn't it just break your heart. I kept Syd on my lap last big, could,t bear to put him down. A sad for them. Lovely post Kat xx

  3. Silly phone! Last night, not last big!

  4. Hi, Kat
    i am your swap partner! I saw your comment on my blog, thank you! Have been having a read of your blog and will catch up with you soon.


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