Sunday, 1 September 2013


You know what, I'd love a holiday! A break from all the stress of the last few months would be heavenly. To escape all the last minute craziness as the summer comes to an end would be my idea of bliss. What do you think?!

I have been trying to work out what sort of holiday would suit us best. It is never easy trying to entertain two toddlers and a teenager at the same time. I think cost wise and to save my sanity, I would have to go for an all inclusive break. The thought of having to cater for these starving boys whilst keeping them busy in a different place does not inspire me to leave home at all! It is always nicer to eat out and would take the pressure of me immensely. It would feel more like a holiday for me then too.

I have always wanted to take Big to Disneyland Florida but I think the other two are too young at the moment to fully appreciate it. Maybe Disney in Paris would be a cheaper alternative. It is also a lot closer and not a long, stressful flight away. I think there would be enough there to keep them busy. We could also have a trip into Paris for the day too. I haven't spoken French since my school days so I'm sure I could embarrass Big no end with my botched attempts!

I did take Big to Disneyland in Paris ten years ago. It is the only time I have ever booked an all inclusive holiday and I am so glad I did. Being constantly hungry (as all boys are) I was so relieved I didn't have to keep spending over and over again just to keep him fed and watered. It was so hot the drinks alone would have cost be a fortune! It also meant I didn't have to worry about finding a bank for extra snacks or any exchange rates. Perfecto!
Having since booked family breaks which were not all inclusive, I can honestly say it is a benefit we will be ensuring we use from now on.

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