Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Theme Game - Water

The Reading Residence

I'm joining in with the Reading Residence and Redpeffer for this great new linky, The Theme Game. Unfortunately, I missed the first one last week. You can read about how to enter the game and about this month's delicious prize here.

I was going to go out with my camera this morning to try an capture some of the frost melting in the sunlight. Unfortunately, my camera battery was flat so I decided to have a bash at writing a few verses instead.


The sun glistens on it's smooth skin,
It creeps stealthily through the undergrowth.
Silently it spreads.
Passers by stop and gasp in awe of it's beauty,
Forgetting the unseen danger.

Gently it skips around trees and rocks,
Tinkling playfully with the breeze.
The pace picks up unnoticed.
The excitement builds as it joins with friends,
To tumble and jostle and race each other.

Suddenly the fun is gone,
A fight has broken out.
The change is swift and unnoticed.
The quiet beauty is now a roaring giant,
With an unstoppable force.

Its fury shows no mercy,
Crushing everything in its path.
The furious rage is deafening.
The tremor of the ground is a warning,
To just get out of the way!

Once passed everything falls silent,
The land is indeed in shock.
Littered with unusual items carried in from another place.
The landscape has altered dramatically
As devastation is left in its wake

Yet this killer is still all around us,
We walk past it every day.
We paddle in the shores of its hungry jaws.
As the sun skips over the smooth shiny skin,
We admire its beauty and grace.


  1. So topical and beautifully written. I'm glad your camera was flat! Thanks for joining in with #TheThemeGame x

  2. I think it was rather fortunate your camera had a flat battery! Rather lovely. Thank you for sharing and linking in with #TheThemeGame

  3. That is wonderful Kat, so evocative and perfect for the weather we have seen. #TheThemeGame

  4. So beautiful and too true given the recent floods the UK have experienced

  5. So many aspects of waters beauty and danger covered. A beautiful little piece.

  6. This is a great article for my research. Keep posting. Thank you.



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