Wednesday, 28 November 2012

An Update on My Mum...

As some of you may know my Mum has Non Hodgkins Lymphoma which affected her bone marrow. This causes a problem with her blood count and has made her seriously anaemic at times. She started having Chemotherapy early this year and we were all very worried, not knowing how it would affect her or how she would cope with it all. We need not have worried.

Mum was due to meet with her consultant last week to find out how many more sessions she would have to have. Unfortunately, Mum felt too ill to go so cancelled the appointment. I hoped this wasn't a bad sign and that we would get some good news very soon.

Yesterday, Mum went to hospital for her next dose of Chemo and met with her consultant while she was there. Mum has had 6 sessions so far and they were discussing the possibility that she may need another 2. Following all her recent scans and tests
I am soooo relieved, I can't tell you! She told me her tests had been clear since her fourth session of Chemo but they didn't want to get her hopes up so they waited for the review to tell her. She wont be needing any more Chemo but will continue to have her blood monitored for a while just to make sure. Hurrah! 

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