Monday, 19 November 2012

Chaos Update

Well another week has passed and I thought I would keep you posted on how we are getting on with Chaos. To recapm I posted a few weeks ago about how unbearable his behaviour had become and did anyone have any ideas to help us. Here is where we are now...

This week has been a big improvement on last week. We haven't used the step at all this week as we haven't needed to. That is such a huge step. Not that we used it a lot but it is so good not to need it at all!

Generally, Chaos has seemed more relaxed instead of getting angry and tensing up. I don't remember him doing his angry roar/growl  at any time this week which is another great success!

I thought rather than give a day by day account of our week I would share these photos. Chaos asked if he could feed Squish. It was so sweet. He was saying things like "Here comes, open mouth" and then "ave it!" which was quite comical. He was really gentle and got the food to his mouth each time. Bless his cotton socks. Progress indeed!

Until Squish pinched the spoon that is, then Chaos got bored and wandered off.

They both have a really bad cold this week and are worn out so I am not expecting great things. As long as we don't go backwards I'll be happy.


  1. Great progress :) And how cute is he feeding his little brother!! Aww! x


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