Sunday, 16 June 2013


On Saturday my parents came over and took me and the little ones to Cholderton Farm Park. The weather wasn't looking too promising but there were some encouraging bursts of sunshine so, we went for it! 

We decided to go in Dads car so we all had a laugh as I tried to squeeze between the two car seats in the back. Once I was in I didn't need a seat belt, the only thing getting me out of there were several crowbars and a winch! I did eventually maneuver myself enough to belt up, then we were off. 

 Squish decided to catch a few Zzzz's on the way while Chaos kept us entertained with his million questions game.... 

We trundled past the Henge on the way too. Busy as ever and a few campers preparing for the solstice next week. 

When we arrived, we got inside to pay our entry fee and it absolutely chucked it down! Luckily, there was a play barn with soft play in for just such a situation. The boys were released and we spent a good half hour just going up and down the slide! They had a great time, then the rain stopped...

 Squish found some little Call Ducks. We bought some food at the entrance so he decided they should have nearly all of it. That would give them enough energy to be chased for the next 10 minutes! 

I'm sure he would have brought them home if he could catch them! 
Luckily, this fuzzy little thing was behind fencing and had a big hissing Mummy close by. Squish would have loved a cuddle. He looks like he's sat in cotton wool and borrowed his big brothers shoes. 

 Always time for a bounce....

And going for a spin on the tractors!

Chaos pretending to be a horse and taking my Dad for a ride! 

Teaching the boys to keep your hands flat when feeding animals. 
Squish has no fear but Chaos held back a bit.

I love the look on Chaos' face when he finally plucked up the courage to feed him. 

These Pygmy kids were so tiny! In the top picture you can just see the bottom of a bucket just to give an idea of how small they were.. iddy diddy! They were born on 20th May so were about 3 weeks old and enormously cute! Definitely want some of these on my small holding (one day....)

During another shower we popped in to the hen and rabbit house. I can honestly say, I have never seen a Cockerel this big before. He's a very handsome chap and luckily, wasn't aggressive. I think Chaos could have taken him for a ride he's nearly the right size! 

Then we saw these tiny little chicks. So cute how they all huddle together under the heat lamp. I think they were a type of Bantam. 

We found some more goats to feed. This lot were little Pygmys too. 
Chaos had a frightening experience. He was happily feeding the goats until one of the larger ones pinched the paper bag off him. He was upset and worried about the goat but before we knew what was happening, another goat had grabbed hold of his coat and pulled him against the fence. He wasn't bitten or hurt but it really shook him up. I think that knocked all the confidence he had built up earlier though. 

After a cup of tea in the cafe we headed home with two very tired little boys.

Once we were home they were off again playing horses and leading each other round the house while I made dinner.

To my amazement, they both cleared their plates of spaghetti bolognese, ate a bakewell tart and ice cream, followed by a bottle of milk and a yoghurt. They definitely worked up an appetite! 

 Considering it was £4.95 to get in and under 2's were free we had a great day out in spite of the rain. 
My only complaint would be that some of the animals didn't have water and nobody seemed that interested when I told them. It is a lovely place with lots of space and with a bit of TLC would be an amazing attraction.


  1. Looks like a fabulous day out xxx

  2. Lovely! Glad you had a good time! x

  3. Looks like a fun place, great pics.


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