Monday, 16 July 2012

My First Swap!

I was asked, by the lovely Hannah the Cupcake Mumma, if I would be interested in doing a mug swap. What a great idea AND with REAL post = perfect!! Hannah saw the idea on the blog Me, He and Them. Obviously, I jumped at the chance and started thinking of what sort of mug I could find.

I must admit, my first idea was a bit obvious... Cupcakes. Totally unoriginal, I know, but my brain is in the process of deserting me so I was out on my own. After much searching, I found it! A perfect little tea cup with a matching saucer AND side plate all tied together with a pastel coloured ribbon. It looked a bit like this
Cupcake tea cup and saucer I'm sorry but it was the price tag that stopped me. It was fine bone china but also over £20 which I thought was a little over priced to be honest! I was also a bit concerned about transporting and posting something that fragile. Needless to say, I decided to wait and find something more suitable.

A few days later I was wandering around a lovely litte shop with allsorts of pretty things in and I saw the perfect mug. At first I thought, "I can't buy that. It's very pretty and Hannah might not like that sort of pattern." I kept walking round the shop but I kept ending up by this mug. Nothing else jumped out at me, even though there were some really lovely pictures and funny quotes. The "Pretty" mug it was. The lady wrapped it in enough bubble wrap to cover my dog and I brought it home. The more I looked at it, the more it grew on me so by the time I wrapped it up for sending I loved it's delicacy and prettiness. (That sounds a bit weird doesn't it? You would understand if you know how much of a Tomboy I was as a kid!)

We decided to post them on the same day so we would hopefully get them at the same time. Strangely, we both went to the post office with 2 postcards to send through Postcrossing, as well as our mugs! Mugs posted, we waited. Hannah got her mug on Saturday and here is what I sent her.

 You can't really see from this photo but the book mark says "Angel". I know we all need a bit of support now and then so I just wanted Hannah to know I'm here if I can help with anything.
The mug is so pretty, I love it!
 Hannah said "Kat it's beautiful I'll blog it tonight! Thank you so much for the extras I'm going to set up a proper uk mug swap I think xxxx" via Twitter :0)

I have never done one of these swaps before. The advice on Me, He and Them's blog was to look at through your recipients blog and think about what they like and find a mug that fits in with that. I bought a mug for Hannah that I thought she would like but what would Hannah find for me? What image does my blog give of me? I had no idea what to expect this morning when the Postman arrived. He handed me a small brown parcel.....

I made myself a cup of tea and with the boys in bed, I sat down to open my present in peace. I could never have imagined a mug like it. It's perfect and the most thoughtful present I have ever received. I LOVE IT!!

 This lovely, clever lady has taken some of the photos I have posted on my blog and had them put onto a mug! She has also used my blog colours for the inside of the mug, which is red, and yellow for the outside! Pure genius! "A CUPPA WITH THE ONES I LOVE" is written around the top. I am honestly sooo touched I am welling up again! Somehow Hannah has also managed to pick my favourite photos of my boys too. I adore the sepia ones of little Squish, he is beautiful. Big and Chaos on Big's first day at Secondary school. I couldn't love it more Hannah, thank you so much!!

Having enjoyed this swap so much we have decided to do some swaps of our own! I will be hosting our first swap in August and I will post about it soon with all the details so watch out for that. It will have a summery theme to make up for our lack of sunshine outside. Hannah is hosting a mug swap in October so get your thinking caps on! For some Christmas Delights, the wonderful Natalie from Ready, Steady... Mummy will be hosting a crafty swap towards the end of the year. Keep your eyes peeled for our lovely swaps coming soon!


  1. Ahh you look so pleased!! I'm so glad you liked it and didn't mind me poaching your photos! Gorgeous boys just quieter when it's time for tea!! Lol
    I adore my mug bd extras so thoughtful I can't wait to settle down and blog I'm determined tonight wether the children agree or not!
    Looking forward to more swapping!!xx

  2. Awh how brilliant is that?!?! So many thoughtful presents flying about- it's so lovely! Now I'm doubly glad I've got Hannah for my polka dot swap too ;) She's good at this!

  3. What a lovely idea. I will be looking out for your swap posts in August! x


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