Sunday, 16 September 2012

Silent Sunday - For all the Wrong Reasons!


So having moaned about how awful everything was last week, I got my Mardy Bum dressed and went out to meet my lovely friend the Corporal for a birthday meal and a wee tipple....

DO NOT click read more if you are of a nervous disposition.

The things this poor man is subjected to..

Good job he's a Security Guard and deals with pissed up twats on a frequent basis.
Not just me, I might add!

Unfortunately, nearly all the photos taken with me in have equally ridiculous facial expressions. 
Yes, I did have a little bit to drink. 
No, I don't drink often and yes this is probably why. 
How much did I have?
A MASSIVE  2 pints of cider... 
Embarrassing? Yes. 
Cheap night out drinking? Also, a yes.
Fantastic company? Most definitely the BEST
Is my husband totally gorgeous (and a bit daft for marrying me)? ABSO -F***ING-LUTELY!

So today has been quite hard work. Having had virtually no sleep thanks to a husband snoring so loudly he woke both babies, neither of which wanted to go back to sleep thank you. After 2 bottles of  milk and a few rounds of humming nursery rhymes they were off to the land of nod. I think I managed to get an hours sleep before they were awake again. 

I still had the headache/eye strain I went out with the night before so I had some painkillers for that. I also had a horrible queasy feeling that didn't go until 4pm. I had a bit of a sleep on the sofa when my husband started watching Dr Who. I think it's a survival mechanism as my eyelids grow heavy within the first few bars of the theme tune. 

We are off on holiday tomorrow and we have done no packing whatsoever. We have very little money and even less food but what the heck. Life is an adventure, right?

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  1. Enjoy your holiday Kat you are so right- it is an adventure. Embrace it girl!! xx


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