Thursday, 13 December 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
This weeks #R2BC is hosted by the lovely Sally from Pressies by Pebbles. She has only been blogging for two months, TWO months AND is hosting one of the biggest linkys about! Make sure you hop over and say Hi before linking your post. I know all you fabulous folk will show her lots of linky love.
This week has been quite tough with my husband working nights and trying to keep the boys quiet or occupied while he slept. I have also increased my anti depressants again as I was starting to feel unable to cope and crying a lot. I am pleased to say I am much better again now. 
The high points of my week are:
I sent two parcels to Australia in a gift swap. Both were received and appreciated which was great news! 
I received a Christmas card with a return address from a friend I had lost touch with. I shall enjoy writing back with all our news of the last few years! 
My husband is not working nights again this week so I get to spend some time with him every day. 
I was nominated for a give away on Twitter by the very wonderful Joanna at Ojo's World. It was so touching to read her lovely comments as to why she had nominated me. I was really shocked to hear I was her only blog follower! I have no idea why as she has an amazing blog so get your mouse out and hop over to show her some blog loving :)
xOjox ‏@joannah123
@BritMums I nominate @katpearce because, as well as being a truly lovely person, she is my only blog follower #bootschristmas xx

My friends are taking me out tomorrow. I haven't seen these lovely ladies since they came up for my birthday in April! The added bonus is my fantastic husband is going to have the boys so I can have some grown up girly time - YAY WOOOOO!!!
Hmmmm..... Can't top that really, to be honest! 
Have another fantastic week folks. Catch you next week back with the lovely Michelle at Mummy From The Heart 


  1. Thanks so much for your lovely words :)
    Oh I love the sound of a present swap - can't wait to hear what you get
    Well done for increasing AD's before things get worse - that's half the battle isn't it, pre-empting what may happen - if that makes sense
    Great post and thanks so so much for linking up
    See you next week x

  2. I love that I made your R2BC!! Thank you.
    I understand the whole AD thing, I've been on them for years, just take your time, if you need them to be able to get on with life, then go with it. Most of all have a great night out!! xxx

  3. I love that you're in touch with an old friend again - that is lovely news and really made me smile as it is so great when that sort of thing happens! How lovely about the boots nomination too. that is so sweet. I think we only have 1 'official' follower too as we never figured out how to put the 'follow this blog' thing on properly but one clever person has figured out how to follow us properly anyway. But I know more people must be reading the blog still as although i have no idea what the 'norm' is, there are many thousand more page views than I would have ever imagined - so that is really bizarre and humbling as I always imagined it would be just for our family to read. x


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