Thursday, 24 January 2013

Me, Inspiring?!

In December I discovered a wonderful blog that I instantly fell in love with. I found it on the "Next Blog" button and am so glad I did. It is called "I Saw You Dancing" and it's written by another Kat! This wonderful lady has given me this award for being an inspiring blogger. I find it unbelievable that I inspire people but as that was a small part of my reason for blogging, I am also over the chuffing moon!!  

As part of the award I have to think of seven remotely interesting facts about myself to share with you, that you may not already know. If you have a free day next week it may be worth popping back then as I fear there could be a long wait.... Seven?! Blimey, I'm struggling on number one!! 

1. I like pink. I know that isn't a big deal to most people but that is a huge admission in my family. Pink was always seen as very girly and something to take the mick out of by my Mum and Sister, so I have never admitted to liking it. Until now. Now, I don't care. If they think I'm girly, so be it, I am no longer bothered by  it. I would much rather them think I am a nice person so if that makes me a nice, "girly" person then that's what I am.

2. This year I am Skydiving and doing a 5 and 10km run to raise money for Unicef. Don't be shy, please sponsor me and help save some cute little kid on the other side of the world. Go on, a fiver. Would you honestly miss it? 
I'll let you into a secret, I hate running. It buggers my knees up good and proper, I also find it a little boring. Worst of all, due to being a larger chested lady I have to wear a sports bra over my normal one as I can't find any with enough support. I DO NOT wish to knock myself out in public thanks! 

3. I love my babies more than anything in the world. They make me think I might burst with love. I want the best for them, I would do anything for them (within reason) and I think they are THE most amazing, gorgeous, special, clever, funny guys I could have ever wished for. They make me want to be better than I am. I want to be someone they look up to rather than get nagged by. I want them to feel safe and happy at home, not just now but always. I want them to know they will always be welcome and always have somewhere to be. My boys are the best and it's an honor to be their Mum.

4. I am not a fan of snow or the beach. I know, how can I not love the beach?! Easy, it's covered in sand which gets everywhere and in order to get rid of it you have to wash in FREEZING cold icky salt water. Likewise with the snow, it's COLD! To justify my dislike of cold things, I have Raynaud's Disease. If my hands or feet get cold, I am crippled in agony as they start to warm up. Its like my bones get cold too and it is tear jerkingly painful until they are warm again. I'm not good with pain so I avoid anything I can that is going to hurt. I do like looking at snow and the sea as both are incredibly beautiful.

5. I am going to take my Motorbike CBT (Compulsary Basic Training) test this year. It will be the first step in our dream to travel Europe on bikes. I have always wanted a Honda Goldwing so that will be my bike of choice. I can't wait, it will be amazing! 

6. I am a healer. I am a Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Advanced. I am a Shiatsu for Horses Practitioner, trained to level 2. I have completed an Indian Head Massage course. I am a Metamorphic Technique Practitioner. Shamefully, I don't use any of it. 

7. I am starting to realise that although I love living in our village, I am not sure it is the best thing for our boys. The eldest has all his mates in the next town 7 miles away. There is nothing in the village so it becomes quite difficult to entertain the little boys. I am wondering if this means we may have to move. After all the work that has gone into the house so far I really, REALLY hope not! I must admit that it takes a lot of effort (and petrol) to be organised enough to do things every day with the boys. I am slightly ashamed to say we don't go out nearly as often as we should due to me being a smidgin lazy and disorganised.

I would like to pass this award on to the following bloggers who I find inspiring (in no particular order).

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I would like to add that Kat from I Saw You Dancing would have been on my list had she not given me the award herself. Thank you so much lovely lady.

For all those who I am giving this reward, Feel free to do as I have here and share the love or not. It's your choice. Thank you for being my inspiration in all your many ways. May you all find your inspiration this year!


  1. Ah thats lovely! Thank you. I shall have a go when my boys finally go back to school, blinkin snow :-@ xx

  2. Thank you so much!! Oh sky diving! It is one of those things that would be so amazing but I don't know if I could actually do it. I never ever thought I would be a runner-- but slowly became one when training for a 5K.

    Oh and I want to tour Europe with you!!

  3. Thank you Kat, I feel honoured to be amongst your chosen group! Very interesting to read your seven points - not sure I have more than about 3! Shall put my thinking cap on x x

  4. I'm a bit worried about your reckless lifestyle of skydiving and motorbiking. Be careful and always wear a thermal vest! As for entertaining your boys and taking them out daily - lose that guilt. It's a very modern notion that we should always be showing our progeny a good time. Read Just William to them and they'll soon realise there's plenty to do in a village. Thanks for the award!

  5. Thank you so much Kat, sorry for the belated reply, but I will try to share some of my inspirations in a post soon - you're obviously one of mine too! xx

  6. Thank you very much Kat and I've loved finding out even more about wonderful you and your adventurous, brave and ever loving life. You truly are an inspiration to us all and a multi-talented, loving lady from family to fundraising to skydiving to reiki. I'm not sure I can follow up with this post. I can't think of seven inspirational things xxx


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