Wednesday, 13 February 2013

For The Unsung Heroes of the Modern Day Battlefield


I am linking up with Emma from Crazy With Twins again this week for more Wednesday Words

For The Unsung Heroes of the Modern Day Battlefield

The enemies attack is relentless.
On and on they come in waves.
The smell hits you first as the surrounding pile grows ever higher.
The machine drones on, spinning ever faster but not seemingly making an impact.

The muddy trails are still visible long after the boots have re crossed the thresh hold.
Leaves blown in litter the floor
A tangle of winter clothing lies abandoned now the search is over

Rations are quickly depleted as pleas for more increase
Any secret stashes are quickly discovered and demolished.
Once they have had their fill, they are on to the next task of flooding the bathroom.
In their wake uneaten morsels dangle from the chairs and litter the floor.

The patter of feet has been replaced by gentle breathing.
The house is quiet once again
Now is the time for one last rally
A final lap of replacing items to their spot
A wipe down here and a brush off there
Ready for another day to sleep, rise and repeat


  1. That's brilliant. I actually had to read it twice to fully appreciate the double meanings. Very clever! Thanks for linking up to Wednesdsy Words xx

  2. Have you been to my house and taken over my life? I can so relate to this - bloody muddy boots and clothes everywhere. As soon as you clear them they reappear!


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