Thursday, 21 February 2013


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Reasons to be Cheerful this week is hosted by the very lovely Clare the Seasider in the City
Hope you have all had a wonderful week and I look forward to reading about them in the linky!
My main reason for being cheerful this week is having finished my FIRST DAY BACK AT WORK!!! Yup, I am feeling a smidgen chuffed with myself for keeping my sh*t together for a whole day, out there in the "Real" world. I did my first shift in a rather posh farm shop and cafe. I didn't bugger up any orders, spill drinks on anyone or smash anything. In my book, that is a massive success! I did have a small incident with the milk frother which required the use of a mop but it was expected as "everyone does that, so don't worry". 

I was quite upset this morning after leaving home as I don't feel Squish is ready for me to go back to work yet. He is quite clingy if things go wrong or he's hurt himself. With the older two, they were more confident in the company of others before I left them. I was beating myself up, thinking I was an awful Mum to leave him before he was ready but we can't afford to turn the job down. I felt pretty rotten to be honest. I had a chat to my Dad and a cup of tea which seemed to put my mind at ease. I left his house in a more positive mood, thinking we don't really have much choice so I better just get on with it. Which is exactly what I did. 

The old Anxiety had a day off and left me well alone, thank goodness! I felt happy and pretty confident when I walked in. Everyone was really friendly and helpful. They didn't expect me to get the hang of everything so there was no pressure. Apparently, I picked things up quicker than they were expecting so that was nice to know. I had a text from my friend this evening to say the other staff all liked me, which is a great thing to hear. 

I have been asked to work again on Sunday. It will be totally different as there are quite a few bookings already and Sundays are usually busy I am told. Today there was a steady stream of people so I got the hang of everything at a steady pace. I just hope I don't forget it all in the rush on Sunday! 


  1. I'm glad your first day back at work went well! Ya for being back at work. Lovely reasons to be cheerful :) x

  2. I'm pleased your first day back went well xx

  3. Well done on going back to work as a working mum I know how hard it can be too, but well done takes lots of determination so good for you :-) fab reason

  4. Hooray! What a fab first day. Well done you chick x

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments xxx

  6. Glad your first day back went well- mine is on Wednesday so it's great to ready about other peoples experiences of going back to work!

  7. Yea! So glad your first day went so well. Sounds like the staff are nice too which helps a ton!


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