Friday, 1 March 2013

My Working Week

I have been employed for a whole week. I am working in a lovely farm shop and cafe part time. I am being trained to work in the shop, cafe and on the deli counter. After 3 years of being a SAHM it is more than a little shock to the system!

It has been a bit of a roller coaster if I'm honest. It has been great to get out of the house and have some adult company for a change. The other members of staff are all lovely and a few I already knew, which helped. After about an hour of starting work I felt like I had been working up there for ages, I felt so comfortable with everyone. There is no bitchiness and everyone gets on, which is great. I wont lie, there are a few moans here and there but that goes without saying.

I have worked 30 hours in the last week. I had forgotten how tiring it is learning new things. I have been dreaming of cheese and the milk frother for a few nights. They have a huge coffee machine with a milk frother. It is THE hardest part of the job! To froth milk takes skill and as yet, it is not one that I possess.

I have enjoyed learning all about working on the Deli. How long foods last and how they are produced. There are some jobs that are not that pretty, like skimming the fat off the hams. It didn't bother me until Linda said it reminded her of the face lift surgery she had seen on a programme the night before. I think my stomach flipped on the spot, UGH!!

My first day wasn't too bad. The time went past quite quickly and I felt great when I finished. A real sense of achievement. The second day was a bit harder. I had been up with Squish for a while in the night so I was feeling quite tired. I kept getting a twinge in my tummy every time a Mum came in with her little ones. I missed my boys a lot and was so glad to see them when I got home.

My third day was a full day 9-5.30pm. By 10.30 I was having a real wobble and had to go outside for a few minutes to get myself together. I was tired and feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the new information. I walked into the kitchen and thought "I really don't want to be here. I want to be at home with my boys. I really miss my boys." I had a bit of a cry and sorted myself out. By the afternoon I felt better. When I got home the boys were in bed asleep. They looked so sweet, bless them. That day, I did seriously question whether I was doing the right thing by working. I couldn't bare to be away from the boys for so long. I really beat myself up over it but as I have a job that we can't do without financially, I don't have much of a choice.

They seem to have coped with the changes very well and are closer to their Dad now which is great. It feels more of a balance between our parenting now as we are both working. Rather than always favouring me, the boys now favour their Dad more often. That relieves the pressure from me and is also a great confidence booster for my husband, so everyone's a winner!

I will be working Monday and Thursday every week and alternate Sundays. That gives me a perfect balance of work and home. It also means my husband can also continue his part time work and have some time to write. With more of a routine in place I'm sure the boys will soon settle down. I think things are on the up for us and long may they stay that way!

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  1. Well done Kat. Settling in to a new job is always difficult, but you'll get there, and it will do the boys good to spend some quality time with their dad too.
    Joy x x


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