Friday, 28 March 2014

Love Letters...

Have you ever wanted to tell someone how you feel but you haven't had the chance for one reason or another?
Have you lost someone special and didn't get to tell them how you feel?
Have you lost touch with someone and have no idea how to let them know they are on your mind?
Do you have an unrequited love that you want to share your inner desires with?
Then, I may just have the solution....

I, like many others, have long found writing a very therapeutic form of  release. I have occasionally extended this to letter writing. These are not necessarily letters I have posted but ones that have enabled me to get my feelings off my chest and move on. I find it great to be able to express exactly how I feel without the worry of how the information will be received. I know a few others who feel the same way too.

So I wondered how many other people out there would find this process helpful in releasing with held emotions. That's when I hit on this idea.

A book of Love Letters.

Anonymous Love Letters.

I would love to provide the opportunity for anyone and everyone to be part of a big book of Love Letters. I have set up a Post Office Box to receive anonymous Love Letters from all over the globe. I will compile all these letters into a book and then have it published. Once on sale in the form of a book, these letters can be read by anyone so there is obviously the slim chance they may be read by the person you wrote your letter to.

I love reading letters and think there is nothing better than a well crafted love letter straight from the heart. Letter writing is a dying art these days and I'm sure it will only be once it has faded out completely that we realise it's true value. I would love to create this book as a reminder to my boys that there is nothing more valuable than a good letter full of love!

A Few Pointers

Please remember this is a book of Love letters. Please only send letters of this kind.

The letters are to be anonymous so please do not sign them. If you choose to write who the letter is to that is your choice.

Please do not include personal details such as phone numbers or addresses. These will not be printed.

Please ensure your writing is legible or your letter is typed. If I can't read it then the letter won't make the book.

Please keep it clean. No foul or explicit language.

Please post your letters to:

Love Letters 
Kat Sighs
83 Ducie Street
M1 2JQ

Please ensure your letter has the correct postage stamps for it or I may not receive it.

Please share this information with as many people as you can. I would love this to be an international book!

I am really looking forward to receiving your letters as I'm sure they are going to make an AWESOME book!!


  1. What a fabulous idea Kat! I agree that letter writing is a definite dying art, means so much to receive a personal hand-written letter. It is also very therapeutic. Great opportunity for people, well done :)

  2. Love this idea Kat, so lovely! xxx

  3. What a fabulous idea Kat xx

  4. What a gorgeous idea! There's so much that's left unsaid...especially to people who are no longer with us.

  5. Brilliant!!! What a fab idea! xxx

  6. I absolutely LOVE this idea - it will be so therapeutic for so many people as well as a wonderful book to write. I shall spread the word for you! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. I meant wonderful book to read!! Doh! Thanks again :)

  7. Such a wonderful idea Kat, I will try to join in :) x


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