Thursday, 3 July 2014

I'm A Winner!!

I don't know if you have heard of BakerDays but they are a cake company offering variety of cakes available by next day delivery.

I have to be honest,  I hadn't heard of Baker Days until I was tagged on Twitter along with them. I had a quick peek at their profile and thought itwas a wonderful idea with a lot of potential.

The Tweet I was mentioned in was a nomination to win one of their Letterbox Cakes. There were plenty of nominees so I didn't get too excited.  I was more flattered by my lovely friend Hannah, the CupcakeMumma, thinking of me and putting my name forward!

A few days later I had a Tweet to announce I had won a Letterbox Cake!! Free Cake is ALWAYS a winner with me! I emailed off my details to the lovely folk at BakerDays and waited...

True to their word,  the next day a white box arrived. Putting it off until the boys were distracted elsewhere, I opened my box.

 Here is what was inside. A lovely tin containing yummy cake! A card from BakerDays,  two candles, a party blower and some balloons! I thought it was brilliant! The extras made me feel like I had a little party in a box for one. Then I opened the tin... 

What a fantastic little cake! I certainly wasn't expecting it to be personalised! Inside the lid is a stay dry packet to keep the cake nice and fresh. I couldn't wait for a quiet moment to taste it.

With the daily dramas that followed I completely forgot about my cake until tea time. We had all finished and there was a dispute over what to have for pudding as there weren't enough cakes for everyone. I remembered my cake and decided to share it with the boys. I cut the first slice and wondered if it would be quite dry..

I needn't have worried. The fondant was just enough not to be too sweet and the sponge was perfect. It wasn't long before all the slices were eaten up. Even Squish who normally just eats the icing, had eaten his piece. There was one piece left so I put that back in the tin to accompany a quiet cuppa later on.

My verdict: A very lovely idea and one that would cheer anyone up!
Thank you to BakerDays for my lovely treat and a huge thank you to my lovely friend Hannah for nominating me!!

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