Thursday, 14 August 2014

#BEDA Day 14 - Why I Blog

Today's post is about why I blog. People blog for different reasons, just as they blog about different things.
 I started blogging at the end of Feb 2012. It was my husband's idea. He had a blog where he shares his Dr Who animated series so thought I might like to start one too.

At the time I hadn't long had Squish and was diagnosed with PND. My husband was my only company so unsurprisingly he found it hard working all day, coming home to a chaotic house then listening to me drone on about how tough things were for me night after night.

Initially, I wrote about anything and everything. My blog became my new best friend. I'd blog several times a day if I felt like I needed to. Gradually I joined linkys and had a few followers. I couldn't believe people actually read the stuff I was writing. It was very therapeutic in the early days as it was like my secret diary. Now people I know read it so I feel I have to watch what I write a little so I don't offend anyone.

I have had a few blogging breaks and even thought I would stop blogging altogether but I just couldn't. I missed it too much. I had nobody to tell all my worries to so I returned to my little blog buddy. I have met so many wonderful people and had some amazing experiences thanks to my little blog, how could I be without it?!


  1. I feel the same! So many times I thought about leaving it floating in cyber space but I do love blogging. Like you I've had great ops because of it xx

  2. I'm glad you never gave it up Kat! I live your slice of the web. I started blogging at a similar time to you and for similar reasons. It really is a great form of free therapy and something you are in total control of. I hope you keep on blogging for years to come xx


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