Thursday, 30 August 2012

Squish and the Washine

Wot So Funee?

I am linking this post up with Emmy Moms Proud Mommy Moments and Actually Mummys Wot so Funee this week. I'm sure you'll see why when you watch the video.

This little chap is so adorable, I love him to bits! He was loving the washine so much I had to get it on film.


  1. That is just cute! Wouldn't it be nice if the little things in life could still entertain us this much?

    My post and linky will be up in about 6 hours :) Glad you are linking up

  2. How lovely. My "baby" loved the "woshmean" too.
    Joy xx

  3. What a cutie!! I love him! And it's so much more educational than Peppa Pig. ;)

  4. That is adorable!!

    Thanks for linking up!


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