Thursday, 30 August 2012

10 Things to Smile About in August

I nearly missed this months things to smile about. It's a great way to remember the highlights that you may otherwise forget. Especially if your memory is anything like mine!

Hmmmm... Maybe I should have written this before opening a bottle of cider. My mind has gone strangely blank and sort of fuzzy but I like it!

1. My little Squishy is well and truly on the move. He is crawling about everywhere. He can stand up and walk along the furniture. He has mastered this in the last two weeks and he isn't quite 9 months old yet! Super baby and adorable with it.

2. Chaos is really developing with his speech. He has started to put little sentences together now. I love how he stops between each word for a second or two and tries really hard to pronounce each word properly. We overtook a push bike in the car earlier and he shouted "See ya, Sucker". Honestly, I have no idea where he got that from unless the Big One has started teaching him things on the quiet.

3. My Mum is coping brilliantly with her Chemo. She has had her second lot now and seems to be feeling quite well. She has started to work out how much she can do without getting worn out so she is more active now as well. Hurrah for my Mum!!

4. My husband has decided to take a leap of faith and hand in his notice at work. He is going to increase the hours he does security so that he will be able to spend a bit more time at home with us. This also means I can get a part time job as well. I am sure this will help restore my sanity too. 

5. I have started to organise the garden out the front and the back. I have turned and leveled the soil where the play house is going to go. My husband is getting the pallets for the flooring tomorrow so we will have a better idea of size too. They are going to love it so I can't wait until it's all finished!! 
6. I have hosted and taken part in my first ever craft swap. From what I can gather so far, everyone has enjoyed taking part and I really can't wait to see what everyone made. I had a great time too and really enjoyed making mine. 

7. My Brother in Law is staying with us at the moment while he relocates. I thought it might be a bit tricky with the odd spat thrown in but the month has flown by and he has been no trouble at all. Its like he has always been here. I'm so glad it's not a problem! 

8. We have decided to renew our vows! As we got married in Gretna with no family, we always said we would have a big day on our 5th Anniversary so Saturday 15th March 2014 it is! Squeeee!! 
9. Although we haven't done anything amazing this summer, we have had some really lovely days together just doing normal stuff. 

10. I am just really lucky to have all my boys. They all mean so much to me, I'd be lost without them! I know I moan about them sometimes. They are my worst  times and my crying with pure joy times I couldn't last a day without them. Now they are all in their own rooms, I sleep in their room on the floor as I love being near them. (It will wear off don't panic and call the Psych Team. I'm only like that when they are quiet and sleeping!)

So there we are. Ten wonderful things that I have experienced in the month of August. I wonder how this will change by next month?

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