Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fav Pics

These are some of my favourite photos from our holiday this week. I just wanted to share them with you before I toddle off to my bed.
My little Squish Pot all wrapped up cosy and warm in the buggy.
Such big blue eyes. Beautiful boy.

This is a Kune Kune pig from New Zealand. 
I think she has a very pretty face. I love pigs!

This is another Kune Kune Pig. 
She is also very lovely and has a strange habit of rolling stones around in her mouth?!
I love the shape of their faces.

This Owl has such lovely big brown eyes I couldn't resist a close up.
Shame about the fencing though.

Last but by no means least, Little Chaos and his beloved Tractor and trailer. 
He was most upset after our ride when they uncoupled the trailer and drove the tractor off without it.
I honestly thought he was going to cry, he sounded so sad. 
We had to bribe him with offers of cake so we could leave!

So there you have a few of my favourites. I'm sure a few more with grace your screens over the coming weeks but that's all for now. Night night folks, it's good to be back! 

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  1. Your Squish is blooming gorgeous Kat! That looks like a fun family escape hope you had a wonderful time and great to have you back :) xx


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