Monday, 10 September 2012


Well, smack me in the face with a wet, soggy nappy..... Monday again, Hurrah!! Obviously, I'm being a smidge sarcastic. I was woken up this morning, properly, as I stumbled towards the bathroom. I sneezed rather unexpectedly and smacked my head on the bathroom door. Brilliant!! You know straight away you're in for a bloody wonderful day, don't you? (yes, more sarcasm!).

The boys have been a complete sodding nightmare and are taking it in turns to yell their cute little heads off. We have been out for a walk with the dog, had milk and a biscuit so it is now bed time. I say yes, so they are in their cots. They say no, so they are bouncing about yelling at each other and throwing things around the room. This has lasted for the last half an hour and will carry on until the end of my cup of tea or when they wake up. I'm hoping for the latter!

This is quite a big week for all of us. It marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. This is my husbands last week of full time work. He has given up his job as he can earn the same amount working part time doing security work and to spend more time with us. We both realise this is a little risky the way things are at the moment. This also means I will be able to get a part time job too!
I am excited but also a little nervous about this as I have been a SAHM for three years now. Part of me wants to just hide away at home but I know I have to get out and do something else now. I think it will help my PND as well. I can really feel it sometimes. I feel so frustrated that everyone else controls my time and how I spend it, I really feel like I need to change this situation before I lose the plot again!!

I know my husband finds the boys hard sometimes and is occasionally relieved he gets to go to work in the morning. I would too if I'm honest! I'm sure we will all benefit from the job changes and spending a more equal amount of time at home. It is going to be hard to start with but I'm sure once we find a routine things will be fabulous!

To celebrate our new lifestyle we are away on holiday next week. We have booked a last minute week to the Isle of Sheppey. We have never been anywhere in that part of the country so we are of on a voyage of discovery! I may not take my laptop but I will tell you all about it when we get back.

Well, what do you know. There is silence from above. Maybe another cuppa before the housework then....


  1. I wish I was a stay at home mom! I think you're so lucky!

  2. Oh, and have a nice time on that island!

  3. Hi Kat

    The job changes sound exciting and I really hope that it all works out for both you and your husband.
    It will do you good to get out and meet people and if it helps your PND that will be wonderful.

    The boys are just being boys shouting and making noise
    believe me in a few years it will be a distant memory
    and you will wish you even had one day back with them like that!

    Best of luck

    Take care of yourself.


  4. ps have a wonderful holiday

    I have never heard of that place
    so am really looking forwar to hearing all
    about it when you get back.



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