Monday, 10 September 2012

My First Ever 10 on 10!

ten on ten button small
So here it is, my first 10 on 10 post. Every month I am so hopeless I miss it. I log on in the evening and look at the wonderful days everyone else has had. 
Now you can look at mine too :o) 
This is a lovely link hosted by Rebekah from A Bit of Sunshine
We have the most wonderfully, tolerant dog in the world!

A wonderful sight to greet me this morning.

One sleepy dog after our morning walk with the boys.

Two little boys in their beds almost ready for a nap

With two sleeping beauties I have the chance of a little me time and a cup of tea!

But... Less than an hour later....

Picking the Big One up from school and he's still looking quite smart for a change!

Finally asleep for the night - hopefully!

My dog can sleep through anything, except the word "Biscuits"

Once the boys are in bed, Big is allowed on the computer and my husband does his ironing in safety!

Hopefully I shall remember again next month and try for some more interesting photos. You never know, we may have begun decorating by then!! 
Have a fab month everyone


  1. Aw lovely pics and what a nice mug Kat haha xx

  2. Dishes to wash--that's definitely an everyday sight, in anyone's house! Sometimes I wonder where they all come from or how a certain number of people could possibly use so many!

  3. I'm a first timer too... great start.

  4. Your wonderful sight from this morning is the same I have every morning.... :-). Great set!

  5. Looks like a busy day in a fun household! :)

  6. welcome to ten on ten - great set!

  7. Ugh, never-ending dishes, I understand! Great set. Happy 10 on 10.


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