Thursday, 6 September 2012

We Have a Sand Pit!

As part of the ongoing Summer Project to build a play house in the garden, I was a bit naughty today and bought the boys a new sandpit from Argos.
We went to a friends a while ago and Chaos absolutely loved playing in their sand pit so I thought I would get one for them once we could afford it. We can't really afford it but as we haven't had much this summer I thought they deserved it.

Fantastic flat pack! I carefully selected the hall behind the front door to put the pit together. I honestly have no idea why! I almost got hit by the door as my husband came home from work. Me bit fik innit!

I had a bit of help too from Chaos, bless him.

I screwed all the wooden parts together then looked for the base. I was rather surprised to find the base was a single sheet of gardening membrane. It is very flimsy and wouldn't stay put if I just put the sand pit on top so I found a stapler and that did the job nicely. I love the little multi coloured corner seats! 

This is what 2 bags or 30kg of sand looks like in there. May need to get a could more I think. £2.99 in Argos at the moment - bargain!

Here he comes, equipped with his beach bucket set on sale in Asda for £1.50 another bargain!

Needless to say, it wasn't easy getting him in. I think he would have slept out there had he not got sand in his eyes. Thank goodness I wasn't home for that. There was a lot of screaming involved I am told, not surprised either! 

Now we just need to get some wood to build the playhouse and tidy up the fencing a bit more. Think we might turf it after that ready for next summer. It gonna be AMAZING!!!

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