Friday, 19 October 2012

Fish and Chip Babies

Yes, you read that right. Fish and Chip babies. This is the name given to babies born to such extreme poverty in Africa that they leave hospital newborn wrapped in nothing but a newspaper. That is all they have.  Remember the day you gave birth to your little angel? Imagine if all you had to wrap them in was a few sheets of paper. That was all that would protect them from the cold, the rain and certain illnesses. How desperate would you feel?

This is the story of so many babies in Africa. Many are born with HIV, or are premature, or both. With no clothing or blankets to wrap them in these babies have little chance of survival.
My husband Granny told me about these babies last night. She has been knitting little jumpers and hats for them to be sent to Uganda. She said if she tells everyone about them and all those people just make one jumper, that's a fair few jumpers. I have never really got the hang of knitting but I am going to go and tell my Mum about this in the hope that she will try to teach me one last time! 

If you would like to knit some jumpers too please look at the website Knit for Africa, where you can find the pattern for the jumpers and hats. Alternatively, you could pass on your unused wool to someone who will knit it for you. 
They are made from one piece and supposedly very easy to knit. In the intereste of saving a baby or two, go on.. Have a go. You never know, in the act of saving a life you may just find a practical and enjoyable pass time! 

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