Friday, 30 November 2012

Fridays Letters


I seriously can not believe how fast this week has gone! I'm sure it was only a couple of days ago I was trying to link up my letter from last week via my phone.
Dear Big, I am so proud of you. You have decided you want to be an engineer (which I think you will excel at) for NASA! As you find academic subjects so hard, this may be quite a challenge and I admire that you are taking it on. I am also really sorry that I haven't taken as much time with you as I could have. You have a special way of wordlessly reminding me of my failures to you as a Mum. I hope one day I stop failing you. 
I love you baby, more than you'll ever know xx
Dear Chaos, You have been beautiful this week! I have seen my happy little bean again and that makes me smile inside. You have had an awful cough and felt quite rough but you are on the mend, thankfully. I have made a real effort this week to spend more time doing crafts and cooking with you and it seems to have paid off. I am so proud that you can count to ten and you continually amaze me with your language skills. "Put heating on please Daddy, it's cold" was your most memorable request today. For a boy just turned two, you're outstanding! xx
Dear Squish, my little ray of sunshine. You are a whole year old tomorrow, already. You have been the highlight of every bad day in that year and you keep finding new ways to make me smile. My beautiful boy xx
Dear Husband, I know you have taken over with Squish to see if I write a note to you and that makes me chuckle. I know things are tough at the moment and you are worrying a lot but we will be ok. We have family around us to help us out. (Some now much closer than others!) I know we will be ok, we will make it through. We have to, we are a winning team! I love you and your crumbly feet xxx
Dear Dog, You are my girl and I love you muchly. Sorry we don't have as much time as we used to, I miss it too and I'm working on it. Your patience with the boys is truly appreciated and I'm sorry that they catch your ears sometimes. I owe you a trip to the woods xx
Dear Blog Buddies, Thank you so much for all your comments, links, posts and shares. I have truly loved this first year of blogging and look forward to all that is coming my way. You have helped me unscramble the mess in my head and that is priceless. Thank you xx
Dear Christmas, I can't wait!! I'm glad we will all be together this year and I hope it will be everything we are wishing for, especially for Big x

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  1. Lovely letters to your loved ones. Thanks for sharing them.


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