Thursday, 29 November 2012


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
I honestly can not believe I am writing another post for this link already! Am I the only one stuck in this weird time vacuum or is everyone whizzing along at break neck speed?!
I am linking up to share FABULOUS news with you all via Michelle at Mummy From the Heart .

If you have already read yesterdays post you will know that my lovely, wonderful Mum has finished her Chemo! It is a huge relief for us all and a great note to end the year on. It has been really tough for my parents and I am so glad that they have both come through it so admirably. Mum has found it hard being so tired which has been frustrating for her. Dad has been a great support to her this year but I think has found it very hard going at times. I am so ridiculously happy that they are both alright and well again.
Lots of love and hugs all round!

That's it. Very short but so, SO sweet! 
Hope you all have a great week and I will hopefully see you here next Thursday.
Yes, I am very honoured to be hosting this wonderful link next week while Michelle is off piste in Belarus.
Sally from Pressies by Pebbles will be hosting on the following Thursday (13th).
I visited her blog for the first time today and it's fabulous so pop over and have a nosy!   


  1. Big hugs to your mum mother in-law had breast cancer tumor removed last i know how stressful it can be x Family is so important the best R2BC x

  2. Brilliant news about your Mum, it's awful when someone we love is unwell. And yay, you're hosting the #R2BC next week! :D x

  3. I don't think any other reason could top your reason for being cheerful, fantastic news, hope you have a wonderful family Christmas and truely celebrate it x

  4. I definitely think that is the sweetest reason!! My mum got her complete all clear this year, after the 5 year wait. Amazing feeling, hope your mum gets back to her old self quickly x

  5. Fantastic news about your mum, wishing you all a lovely weekend xx

  6. Wow, amazing reason to be cheerful - can't imagine anything better x

  7. that is fantastic news, all the best for the whole family.

  8. So pleased for you and yours. Now you can settle in to a great Christmas. I became an orphan this year so I know just how important it is to treasure your parents as you clearly do.

  9. Great reason! Really hope your mum goes from strength to strength. Agree with Kate - treasure your mum (i'm sure you do). xxx

  10. Thank you all so much for your lovely well wishes. I shall make sure they are passed on to my Mum. Much love to you all xxx

  11. That is the most wonderful reason indeed!

    Lovely to have you host next week, I'm not off piste though - no skiing for me - ever!

    I'll be busy blogging from Belarus.

    Mich x


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