Thursday, 29 November 2012

Proud Mummy Moments

I can't believe how long it has been since I last joined Emmy Mom for this fabulous link! This week is a good 'un too!

As I'm sure you have read that we have been having a few "issues" with Chaos and his behaviour lately. We had such a lovely day on Tuesday I had to link it up as he made me so proud.

A friend called round out of the blue. I haven't seen her in about 6 months as she travels the country with work but she is back for Christmas, hurrah!! The boys have grown so much since she last saw them and was impressed with Chaos' manners (?? yeah I know!) He was really polite and said Please and Thank you when asked if he wanted something. I was glowing inside, love him.

Later on I took him out for a walk with the dog and he was lovely then too. We had a bit of a chat about tractors and helicopters before he had a little snooze on the way home. After dinner, we got out his little notebook and his magazine my husband got him last week. We spent a good hour putting the stickers in the right places and counting all the shapes. He can count to 10 on his own. That's pretty good for 2yrs old right?! He also matched up pairs, colours and patterns correctly. I was so impressed I am going to get him the next issue tomorrow as a reward. He obviously loves it.
I have also bought him a hard covered notebook and we call it his Book of Special Things. He loves it. Nobody else uses his book, it's just for him. He has doodles in there, some shapes and numbers. Most recently, his favourite In the Night Garden stickers. He loves Iggle Piggle. He is really into stickers in a BIG way. I found a big sticker book in the Pound shop so I give him a few when he is using his book and he thinks its great!

I am so pleased his behaviour is improving as he is a truly lovely little boy and I miss him when he's a monkey!

My wonderful little Squishy is starting to copy us now. He was hanging on to the stair gate the other day shouting up the stairs for his big brother. It was very sweet and rather funny too. He is my little ray of sunshine and is always smiling, as you can see! He is totally amazing and I can't believe he will be 1 on Saturday.

My baby is growing up and I don't want him to. I want him to stay that size and nuzzle into me when he's tired, to wrinkle his little nose when he laughs and put his tiny hands on my cheeks so I can feel their softness and warmth. I love how soft his hair is and refuse to get it cut, even if people do think he is a girl. He has just started giving baby kisses. You know the open mouthed ones, with free dribble.
 With each new achievement I feel so proud yet a sadness I didn't get with the other boys. I suppose it's because he is the baby and our last, we wont have this baby phase again. I will miss it so much, especially his soft squishiness when he's just got out of the bath!

Morning cuddles with the dog
Happy 1st Birthday, my little Squish x


  1. That book idea is so awesome, that he has his own book! You'll cherish that when he's older for sure! And those puppy cuddles, super sweet!!!

  2. My kids too have their own little notebooks- I think it is a great idea for every kid to have a space to create. So so glad he behaved so well when your friend was visiting. That really is a proud mommy moment! Thanks so much for linking up

  3. Happy birthday to the little one!

    I'm glad you are enjoying your time with Chaos. It's so hard when they go through difficult stages.

    Thanks for linking up with Emmy and me!


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