Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Reverb '12 (Days 1-5)

I found an amazing new blog called I Saw You Dancing written by a lovely lady called Kat! She is hosting a link called Reverb '12 throughout December. She will post a prompt each day for you to mull over and reflect on the past year and your hopes for the coming year.
Unfortunately, due to finding Kats blog the other day I am a late starter so will be posting the first few days at once to catch up so this may well be a long post! 

Dec 1: How Are You Starting?
Right now, I feel full of anticipation for the coming year. I have overcome post natal depression this year which has been really tough on all of us. Strangely, I feel much stronger now. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. I feel like I have been stripped of my previous identity and now have the opportunity to rebuild one that suits me. This is a very exciting time. I am seeing the world in a new light and it's full of adventures and new experiences just waiting to be enjoyed. 

Dec 2: Your Most Significant Spend?
It would have to be our car. We couldn't all fit in our little Vauxhall so we bought a Citroen people carrier. It is a bit of a squeeze in the back between the car seats but we can all go out together now without needing two cars. 

Dec 3: What Do You Really Wish For?
Hmmmm..... Really? I wish there was less friction in our house. That there wasn't a constant jostling for position between all the males. It gets really tiresome and I wish they would all just let it go! 
I wish I had a defined amount of time each day or each week to do "My Stuff" what ever that may be. I would know how long I have to myself rather than waiting for the next "Mum!"
I wish I could believe I can do all the things I want to do and get on with them rather than doubting and waiting just a little longer.
I also wish for sleeeeeeeeep! Zzzzzzzzzzz 

Dec 4: How Will You Celebrate You This Festive Season?
I am just planning to enjoy it. I don't want to get worked up about everything being planned and whether things are going right or on time. I just want to spend time with my family and relax. I have a feeling next year is going to be a busy one. I can feel the energy building already. 
I am going to try and acknowledge my bodys needs as I feel I have been ignoring them of late. I want to sleep more sensibly, eat properly with less sugary things and take daily exercise. I have been failing myself on all counts lately and deserve better! I shall also be cutting out delicious coffee once again. 

Dec 5: What Was Your Dream Destination?
I'm not sure I had a dream destination for this year. I have been lucky enough to have had two wonderful trips to two totally different places.
I spent the day in London with my friend for my birthday which was amazing. London should always be seen with someone who knows what they are doing. If I had gone alone I would have spent the day navigating the tube!! We both had new cameras so tested them out at the Zoo then had a wander round Camden Market - AMAZING!! I can't wait for my next trip. I hope it's next year.
My other trip was to the Isle of Sheppey. We went with the two babies as Big was on holiday with his Dad. We had a very relaxing time and Chaos loved the animal park we went to. He spent the whole day running around. They both loved the caravan we stayed in too. It was a great and much needed break for us all. 

I have just realised that I am a day ahead. This is because Kat is in Australia and they are a few hours ahead of us. Hope this doesn't get too confusing! What would your answers be? If you fancy sharing in the comment box I'd love to know. 


  1. My most significant spend other than cars was my camera- but it is my baby and I love it and I make a little money with it. I would love to go to Europe someday.

  2. How are you starting? In our new home with our new baby seems the best place to start. I want to make special time for the hubster, be the best mum I can be and find a way to look after myself more! A happy, content family - a little less fraught than we are at the minute!
    What I really wish for? to find my niche. Twitter is full of so many talented, hard-working people who have found and are showcasing their niche. It's an incredible inspiration and I hope to one day know what it is I can be truly passionate about and do for the good of others as well as myself. A big ask?
    How will I celebrate this season? My family and my husband's family are joining together to spend the day together. There will be 20 of us including 5 little ones.
    Most significant spend? Our new house which we are obviously still paying for!
    Dream Destination? I would love to return to South Africs, where I was born and where we went on honeymoon in Oct '11 to see and learn more about the country


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