Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Next Blog>>

If you have blogger, look at the top of the page ^^^ Do you see where it says Next Blog? Have you ever clicked it? I asked my husband that last night. He said he clicked it once but didn't like the blog so he hasn't used it since. I wonder how many other people have done that?

I spent nearly an hour last night just clicking on it and read some amazing posts. I have subscribed to three new blogs too.
One is about quilting. I would love to learn how to make Quilts with amazing patterns on like these.


I found these on Nana's Blog. Aren't they amazing?! I really love the cupcake one. I am going to find out how they are made and have a go at making at least one next year. It would be great to have draped over the back of the sofa for those chilly nights.

I also signed up to Jeanette's Place. I loved the home crafts on her blog and some of the stitchwork is amazing. I love this little decoration. It's simple yet really pretty. I'm not sure I would find it simple though! There is another one of a snowman which is just as wonderful. I am really loving handmade things this year, they are just wonderful.
I'd love to have some more time to finish the cross stitch I started a few months ago. It is in a box and I must dig it out to finish it. Hopefully I will finish it in time for our wedding anniversary in March.

Another blog that caught my eye was this one called Hooked on Felt. I recently went to a handmade craft fair my friend had organised and a lady there was selling felt bags. They were gorgeous! I asked if it had taken her a while to learn how to do it and she said she was self taught and used videos on youtube! Amazing! Yes, I am adding this to my list of things to try next year. She did warn me that it is a seriously addictive passtime and it may well end up taking over my house, just as it had done hers! With items like these I'm sure i'll live. I am in love with this hat!!


I have just found another one called I Saw You Dancing. This lady is also called Kat and is running a blog prompt for December called Reverb '12 (which started annually in Dec 2009!) It is all about reflecting on the past year and your aims for the coming year. Although I'm a late starter, I thought I would join in. Pop over via the button and have read. You may like to join in too if only for the daily thought to ponder over.
I have only read a couple of posts so far and it sounds like a wonderful blog of self discovery.

Those are my new follows for the moment and all thanks to the Next Blog. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a click, you will definitely find something you like that is only a few clicks away!


  1. Well, hello there neighbour!
    I've never clicked on the "next blog" button either. But I'm sure glad you did.
    Delighted to meet you, and so happy that you've taken the leap into #reverb12.
    Kat x
    PS How funny that we're both Kat too! :-)

    1. I love your blog already and really glad I found it! The name is brilliant too. Makes me think of seeing someone dancing like nobodys watching.
      Love. From one Kat to another ;o) xx

  2. Yes! I have done it a few times and sometimes you find a real treat!

  3. I often do that, its amazing what you find. I'm already following the other Kat, as I did Blogtoberfest with her (and 300 odd others). I made my first quilt this year, its great fun.
    Joy xx

  4. Am about to try Next Blog now. I love how your blog is set out. I'm a bit of a tech-disaster zone and can only do the simple things on my blog. Yours looks brilliant.


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