Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Reverb '12 Days 9, 10, 11, 12

As I have fallen behind a little with my posts I shall try to catch up a few days in this post.

Day 9 - What Is Your Favourite Book?
Oh my word (no pun intended), this is a tough one! How do I choose just one?!

Peter Pan.
He was my hero when I was a kid. He could fly around having fun and didn't have to answer to anyone. He lived with all his mates and had loads of cool tunnels and gadgets in his house (that was a TREE!!!) His best friend was a fairy, with a wand and everything! I must be honest, she did get a bit stroppy and girly which I found quite irritating.
 I could also never work out how they didn't get cold.

I am not someone who rereads books. I don't have many fictional books as I give them away once I have read them. I love the author Jodie Picoult. She writes amazingly emotional stories with oodles of research and accurate detail. I get totally drawn in to them. They make me laugh and cry out loud. I feel like each one takes me on a journey. I loved My Sisters Keeper which is probably her most well known book.

Day 10 - What Was Your Greatest Risk?
I have had bad post natal depression this year. My husband wanted to change jobs so we decided that we would try to both get part time jobs that would equal my husbands wages. We would both get equal time with the boys and have a work life as well. Win /Win

Unfortunately, my husbands hours are a little erratic and usually unsociable so I have felt unable to apply for jobs not knowing when I'll be available for work. My husband has also found it much more stressful than he anticipated, being with the boys all day. It has been a great learning curve as we now know what our capabilities are. We are also financially screwed!

The outcome is that my husband wants to return to full time work. I will then find something for a few hours a week so I can ease back into it. I will feel happier about leaving my boys then too. It is really tough having no money but it wont last forever. We have learnt so much from this that I can't feel down about it, I'm just glad we tried it.

Day 11 - What Was Music To Your Ears?
Last week I had a phone call from my sister. It was totally out of the blue and left me a little breathless.
We haven't spoke in 4 years. Even now I am still unsure why, but we have yet to have that conversation. For now, I am just over the moon to be in touch with her again.

Day 12 - What Were Your Most Intense Emotions?
It would have to be earlier in the year when my husband and I nearly separated. The situation had become somehow unbearable and things were really tough. Neither of us were having our needs met and we weren't getting anything out of the relationship any more. We decided to separate so we were in different rooms. Once the boys went to bed the house became a hostile place where awkwardness lurked in the shadows.. Bit dramatic, but it was honestly a living nightmare, with nowhere to go.
Emotionally it was a rollercoaster. I would be so angry at him for letting me down, then once I felt tired or overwhelmed I felt heart broken that it was all over and how could he do this to us. I had given up my life for him and he didn't want us any longer.... It was tough.

I am glad to report that we are fabulous again and working towards a bigger and brighter us! He is my husband and I shall love him always. He can be a plonker, but he's MY plonker and no other plonker will do, Ever. Not even Brad Plonker Pitt or 00Plonker Craig!! Mine Y'hear! Orange is my favourite! x

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