Saturday, 26 January 2013

My Granny

As you may have already read, my Granny passed away two weeks ago. She was an amazing lady and one I was really lucky to know. She will continue to be an inspiration to me as she had such amazing strength and character.

Here are a few of the things I know about my Granny. 

Nearly everyone called her Jane even though it's not her name. I think her Grandad used to call her that and it stuck. 
She met her best friend Peggy, when she was 18 and they went to nurse training together at the Bristol Royal Infirmary (where my Mum later trained and worked). They were friends until Peggy sadly died 60 years later. We all knew "Aunty" Peggy as part of the family. Her son Paul and daughter Jane came to Grannys funeral as we are all still in touch. Granny and Peggy were sent to London during the war. During one raid they hid under a bush for hours then ran and took shelter in a church... until that was bombed too. 

Here they are on Peggys bike. She was only allowed to ride it in the summer as it was too dangerous. They were always coming off but luckily never got seriously hurt. Granny is in front and Peggy is on the back. Imagine if your District Nurse turned up like this! 
Granny was also a Senior Midwife and knew her stuff when it came to babies and children. 
Grandad was an Engineer in the Army and was posted to Cyprus. They lived out there for several years and used to send my Mum Seville Oranges, which she loved. 
They also lived in Barry, Wales, where my Mum grew up and went to school. She used to be able to speak Welsh but has forgotten it now. Except the place with the longest name that ends in gogogoch!

I will always remember

The name of her house and how to spell it!

The slight smell of creosote every time we came through the gate, whatever the time of year. 

Watching and waving at family as they drove past the front window after a visit.

Grandads clock in the corner, ticking slowly and the picture of the sea.

Racing around the garden with my cousins or the family dogs. 
Everyone siting in deck chairs, chatting and laughing.

Going up every year for Grandads birthday but rarely Grannys.

Kitkats and Breakaways in the fridge door.

Walking the dog round the field in all weathers.

Learning how to play solitaire and numerous card games. 

Hiding under the stairs.

The magnetic soap holder and ALWAYS Imperial Leather soap.

The jar of "Winter Mints"

The magnifying mirror in the bathroom that makes your features look ridiculous.

Creeping across the creaky landing to snaffle a Kitkat when I should have been in bed!

The familiar greeting "Hello my love and how are you?" 
with her little hands either side of my face and a kiss on the cheek. 

I miss you Granny and I am so sorry I didn't see you more often.
Thank you for everything, you have taught me so much
x x x
P.S. Try not to give Grandad too hard a time for going first! 

A reading from the service. 


  1. Lovely, lovely tribute. Perfect. Xx

  2. Beautiful Kat. What a lovely lady with what sounds like a very full life. I love the reading xx

  3. That's really beautiful. She sounds like an amazing lady and that's a moving tribute, but also entertaining. I'm sure it captures her spirit. She lived to an amazing age. I hope you are all doing OK without her. X

  4. This is a lovely, lovely tribute - she sounds like a wonderful lady.

  5. This is lovely Kat. You have so many lovely memories or her and this is such a great place to document them. Beautiful reading too :) x

  6. I really, really enjoyed reading about your Granny and your memories of her. I love the photos too. I'm sure your Granny will be smiling down proudly on such a heartfelt tribute xxx


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