Sunday, 10 February 2013

(Heart) My Art

Hopeful world run online classes to encourage personal growth while the revenue from them goes towards helping others fulfill their potential. This sentence best describes them for me.
We established Hopeful World with the hope that together we would learn the magic of the “we” by healing the places in our “I” where we resist the kind of humility and gentleness required for a new world.
How can you resist such a beautiful goal?

For the last two weeks I have been taking part in (Heart) My Art run by Hopeful World. The idea was to spend a few minutes a day being a little creative and totally focus on ourselves.

We were given two sheets to print out, our Play Pages. These had guide lines of for each days part of the project.
Day 1
Our first task was to find a photo of ourselves. Any picture that grabbed us. We had to list the qualities we felt from the photo, imagining it was someone else. 

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Day 2
Who is the person we most admire that we would want to have coffee with?
Princess Diana
What word do we most associate with that person?

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Day 3 
Pick our most favourite love song ever. 
Put it on repeat for 5 minutes and dance in the moonlight.
Write the best lines of the song

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Day 4
Happy Place
Where do you feel the most happy and content

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Day 5 
Date Night
Pick a love story you have been waiting to watch for ages,
And enjoy! 
I watched 27 Dresses

Day 6
About Last Night
What is the message you got from watching the film?

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Day 7 
Moment of Truth
What words of advice would you give in that dramatic moment of the film?

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Day 8 
Fairy Godmother
What would you wish for your child if you were able?

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Day 9 
Gather your happy mags and favourtie treats ready for tomorrows midweek date night

Day 10
In The Mood
After listening to a guided reflection we made a collage....

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Day 11
Six Word Memoir
Pick a title at random from those supplied. 
Pick the first picture that grabs you.

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Day 12
Putting It All Together

Cutting out the final few peices

The two completed sheets

 Stuck the sheets together and cut the "pages" out

 My little book of ME!

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I have thoroughly enjoyed having this little project to look forward to at the end of every day. It has lifted my spirits and made me feel quite crafty again.
I have realised how much I love colouring, cutting and sticking so I may make another book of my own.
Thank you to Hopeful World and Story of Mum

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