Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Snowdon. We came, We saw, We totally kicked it's Ass!!

WE DID IT!!! That is the first thing I think of when I hear the word Snowdon. I have such a huge sense of achievement, it is amazing. This is the first physical challenge I have signed up for and then doubted my ability to complete it. Luckily by the time I actually set off for Wales all my doubts had been replaced with excitement and anticipation. Here I am three days later and my calf muscles still scream at the mere suggestion of a hill or step but I don't mind. To me it is just a small reminder of our mind blowing trip.

I am currently uploading my first EVER Vlog. It is a series of short videos I took over the Snowdon weekend. I am quite proud of my first attempt and must thank the very wonderful (and patient) Hannah for helping me record them. In fact, thinking about it, I couldn't have asked for a lovelier travel companion. Hannah and I have never met. We only know each other through the magical world of blogging. It was a tiny bit worrying when we met at the train station as we didn't know if we would actually get on face to face! Luckily we did or the 6 hours car drive each way would have been a smidgen uncomfortable!! I know I have found a great and wise friend in Lady Cupcake.

The Pink Ladies

Just setting off and the mountain looms..
The start of the path was quite gentle and we had settled in to quite a quick pace. 
Luckily it wasn't long before our first stop.

Contemplating the climb ahead
By this point Hannah and I had got over being star struck (well, nearly!) 
We were in the company of blogging royalty!! 

Come on Hannah, you can do it! 
The start of the climb was quite rocky and fairly steep. 
We started to hit the snow and ice shortly after this point. 

Higher = Tougher
The start of the really dodgy bit. Ice and snow next to a steep drop. 
I had a few heart stopping moments along this path!

My absolute Favourite photo
I love this picture. It's like we are on top of the world with the valley spread out beneath us.
Just an amazing, breath taking view.

YAY!!! You made it!
It was such a great feeling reaching the top of that part of the climb. You can see how icy the path was. 
I kept thinking I was going to slip and take everyone out like I was in some human bowling alley!

The Summit - We made it! 
The sense of achievement and relief to make it to the top was unbelievable.

What do you mean Embarrassing Mum?!
Sexy and we know it! 

A Victorius Lunchtime 

Happy to be on our way down
Feeling great! 

Beautiful day and clear skies

Hands up who wants a beer?!
What an amazing group of amazing people!

No Hannah, we can't go back up...

Left behind again...
.... But we have each other!


Snap happy Hannah


I had such an amazing time away. I loved being in such great company too. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has sponsored us. I have just checked the team page and so far we have £5,500 which I think is amazing. We only signed up for this a few weeks ago so it just shows what can be done with a bit of effort!

I would also like to thank those who supported us in other ways. Kate from Gower Cottage for her delicious brownies. Becky from Who Made Your Pants?  for decorating our behinds with pretty red lace knickers. They were appreciated a lot by the other climbers! Some amazing wool walking socks from the lovely folks at Hi Tec. Not forgetting the lovely folk at YHA Snowdon Ranger Hostel for supplying us with breakfast, packed lunches and an evening meal. Also to Stena Line  who brought the lovely ladies Kate and Laura over from Ireland on the ferry for free.

Here is a short video to remind you why we drove miles, caught ferries, left family and climbed a Mountain that no local guides would take us up as we were too inexperienced for the time of year. It may see like we have sacrificed a lot to do this but it is nothing in comparison to the daily struggle some families have to go through.

Text "Yes" to 70005

What can you do with a fiver?
Go for coffee and a cake in a cafe
Buy a magazine
Have a pint or two with your mates
Buy a cheap DVD that you'll only watch once

All you have to do is send your shortest text ever.
Go on, be a life saver
Text "YES" to 70005


  1. HONK HONK! Epic photos of an epic day! My legs are back to normal today - but what a stiff week it's been!

    Thank you so much for travelling all that way and getting sweaty with strangers for cash.


  2. Great post & great photos: it was an amazing day

  3. I love your pics so much! Really captures the effort, the team work and the enthusiasm so glad you were on board x


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