Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Back Online!!!

Woop Woop Wahoooo! 
I'm back online at last!

I have rally missed blogging, especially as I had just got back into regular posting again. I have been keeping up with you all via blog lovin on my phone but it's not quite the same and a nightmare to try and comment. 
Still, no longer a problem - Yippeeee! 

I have so much to catch you all up on, it ma take a few posts. I am off to hospital in a minute for my consultants appointment to discuss our options for birthing bump. I am pretty sure which way it is going to go but we shall see. We have been going to Hypnobirthing for the last 4 weeks and loving it. Through this course we are considering trying for a natural birth. Unfortunately, the NHS do not see this as a viable option after three c sections and want me to have another elective section. That will be the 5th time the scar has been opened and this time I will have 2 very active toddlers and a newborn to cope with post op. This is something we are taking quite seriously and looking at all our options. 
Obviously, mine and the babies health come first but we are not going to be forced into a decision by "Red Tape" either. 

Oooops, just realised the time! Right, I'm off now but will be back later (all being well with my laptop) to give you an update. Have a lovely afternoon! 

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