Friday, 2 May 2014

Consultant Appointment

As I have had three previous caesarean sections, I am automatically placed under the care of a consultant. It is assumed that after three sections I would automatically have a fourth. When we sat down it was obvious that the Doctor thought it would be an in and out appointment to book the section... Wrong!

 I explained that we had been going to hypnobirthing and would like to try for a natural delivery. We realised there were obviously risks involved given the number of previous operations I have had. We had done some research into this and other aspects of natural birthing and would like to give it a try. As soon as I started talking I could tell the Doctor looked quite shocked. Her eyes were wide, she took a deep breath and adjusted her position before saying anything.

"No." She went on to explain that although she had no data to support what she was saying, the risks to myself and the baby would be such that the hospital would not support our decision should we choose a natural birth and we would be required to sign a disclaimer to say we were acting against medical advice.

We asked to speak to the consultant if she was available. The consultant told us in a light hearted manner "We would be pushing the boundaries of hospitality" eto decline as we were already passed the recommended number of sections. She also recommended I be sterilized to prevent further incidents as "You better not come back here if you're pregnant again... Haha." WTF?! She went on to say that although they would not support our decision we would still receive the same level of care should anything not go to plan.

We asked for a bit of time to discuss things as they wanted to book the section there and then. We felt a little daunted at the prospect of going against medical opinion and signing a disclaimer. Although we knew they wouldn't like the idea, we didn't think they would be that opposed to it. As we had also looked into having a natural cesarean delivery we decided to ask about that instead.

The Doctor came back in and we agreed to have a section. We requested that it be done at 40 weeks ( full term) instead of38 weeks as Ben had a few breathing problems initially and was quite a bit smaller than his brothers who were full term. We also asked for an epidural instead of a spinal block as I had been very ill and was unable to breath due to the injection being placed too high. Both of these requests were denied. They had no interest in a natural caesarean or why we wanted an epidural. They told us to discuss it with the anethetist on the morning of the operation as it was so far away. The Doctor refused to consider even 39 weeks so I have been booked in for 38 weeks +3 days.

Needless to say I cried when we left. I knew we would have a big discussion over safety and we were prepared for that. We didn't want toput me or the baby at risk so had already decided if it came to it we would agree to a natural caesarean. What we weren't prepared for was the total dismissal of our requests once we agreed to the section. As soon as we said yes, she filled in the diary and my notes and left. It was that quick we were still sitting down as the door closed behind her!

I have never felt more like a piece of meat. I am just another job. I can imagine the conversation between the Doctor and the Consultant. Just say what you need to so they say yes. I was so upset I didn't want to go back to the bloody place for anything, let alone put my life and my baby's life in this woman's hands!!

I have been looking on the net for alternative hospitals as I feel that strongly about it. I have sent a message to Jenny Smith who made a video of a Natural Caesarean asking which hospitals perform this type of delivery. I will add a link of the video as it explains everything better than I can.

The natural caesarean: a woman-centred technique:

I will continue looking for a hospital who will listen to us and make us feel valued. Having almost died during my last section we don't find it acceptable that doctors dismiss this as being "a common sensation". This had deeply affected both of us and we still get upset at the thought of it two and a half years layer. I want a doctor who is going to take our fears seriously. I won't settle for second best.

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  1. One of my FB friends, Lexi Louise, might be able to help you or at least give some advice x x x


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