Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Half Term Hump Day

We are halfway through half term and so far we are doing ok. I think having my husband home for 4 day weekend has helped immensely with storing up some much need energy reserves. I love having him home and we feel so much more connected. He's my best friend and I miss him when he's not here (however annoying he can be!)
I made a list of things to do with the boys over the week and this is what we have been up to so far.

On Friday we went to parenting class. It was really nice to have my husband there too. He could share some of the issues he had with the boys which helped.

We could only stay for an hour as we had to dash off for our 20week scan. We had convinced ourselves we were having another boy so were pretty shocked and overjoyed to find out we are having a little girl! I have to be honest and say it still hasn't really sunk in yet. Everyone has been congratulating us and some less positive folk have been telling us what hard work girls are. To me they are all hard work so it makes no difference. We are all very excited to meet her which makes me happy.
We called in to share the news with my parents. My Mum was very happy for us, especially after having "all those boys".  We had some lunch with them before going to look at a new nursery for the boys.

We decided after a tough week with Chaos that he would benefit from leaving his current nursery. He has had trouble settling into his current room since he moved up. We, naively, thought it would improve and he just didn't like change. Gradually he has become more reluctant to go although staff say he is fine and always behaves well. We have had a lot of issues with potty training which has let to some health problems. It transpires that he is getting conflicting messages from a member of staff at the nursery. We have spoken to her several times about this and she said she wouldnt mention it to him again.
Last week he was waking up in the night worrying that this lady was going to shout at him for not wearing pants as he was a big boy. The next day he was very upset when we left him at nursery. I am still unsure if it was because of this lady or because my husband had the day off and dropped him off too. It could well be a bit of both. Either way, that was the last straw and we aren't taking him back there.

They really liked the new nursery and were there for over an hour happily playing with all the toys and looking around. The staff there were really supportive of and said they would put him straight into the higher class tosave him moving again in September as he doesn't like change. There are two men working there which I think is great foe little boys. We were talking when we got home and Chaos asked if he could go there again. He said he would like to go every week. Result!!
This week I am trying to settle up with the old nursery so we can work out the remaining funding for the new nursery. I'm sure they will be quite alright about it.

My husband went back to work yesterday so I made a rough plan of things to do. We went into town in the morning to visit a new craft shop called Crafty Monkey. There were so many amazing things I wanted to get but I managed to limit myself! I'm going to write a separate post about our crafty makes. I am quite excited about doing them too!
We also went to see my friend and her children yesterday. She has given us her son's old bed for Squish. We have to get a new mattress from Ikea but otherwise it's fab and I'm sure he will love it in a bigger bed.

With crafty projects tomorrow and parenting group on Friday that's our half term pretty wrapped up. We might even fit in a trip to Ikea too :)


  1. Glad the new nursery is working out ;) Hope you have a fun crafty day tomorrow xx

  2. Lovely post! So much positivey and I'm sooo excited!! Xxx


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