Thursday, 5 June 2014

Decopatch Animals

Over the holidays I have been looking for some different activities for the boys to do. Luckily a new craft shop has opened up in the town called Krafty Monkey. There are many wonderful projects in there that I would love to do with the boys. I managed to limit myself to two, for now! This is our decopatch project.
The boys each chose a money box to cover. Chaos chose a pig while Squish chose an owl. Then they chose some paper they wanted to cover it with. Luckily, 1 sheet covered each box but I chose an extra sheet just in case one ended up glued to the table or a child!

Our Papers

Ready to go! 

Chaos concentrating

The finished money boxes
The boys worked really hard. Squish was a lot more focused when we were doing it on our own. Once Chaos woke up he seemed to lose interest a little. I also found it quite hard managing two boys wielding glue covered brushes!! I think I may have had a bit of a control freak out at one stage but who wouldn't?!

The boys are really proud of them and show  every one that comes round. They enjoyed it so much I am going to look for another little project we can do. Bless them.

If you wanted to look at the Krafty Monkey website you can find  it here. The site was under construction when I last looked but I'm sure you will be able to buy online once it's fully functional.
Happy crafting!

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  1. These look ace! I've never done it before, get some in and I'll join in too haha. Love the photos of Chaos :) xx


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