Monday, 9 June 2014

Amazing Chaos

I know I write about my little Chaos quite a lot. He is quite a handful and full of beans, jumping ones at that! Well, this time I have some amazing progress to report. I am one proud Mummy!!

In the last two weeks I have taken both boys out of their nursery. While this hasn't had a huge effect on Squish, Chaos has changed completely. For a start his behaviour has calmed down immensely. Although he still has outbursts, they are shorter and less frequent. He seems to have matured as well. He is quite the big brother these days. He will help Squish put his shoes on and get things that he can't reach.

While he was at nursery, Chaos refused to even entertain sitting on the potty or the toilet. It was something we didn't pressure him about. One of the people at the nursery totally confused him and made him quite scared. He woke up several times saying this person would shout at him if he didn't wear big boy pants or if he soiled his nappy. He also ended up having to have medication to help him go to the toilet. I spoke to the person concerned and to the manager but nothing was done. This is what made me give our notice at the nursery. Poor Chaos was so upset.
After the first week of leaving he was off his medication, even though the Doctor said he would need it for at least another three weeks. He also asked to wear pants so we agreed as he was quite keen. I still can't believe it but after a WHOLE WEEK of wearing pants he has only had two accidents!! How amazing is that?!

All that time he was totally capable but that person upset him so much he couldn't even consider trying. As his Mum I am trying to ignore the guilt of allowing him to be that upset by someone and not acting on it sooner. The point is, now I know that he is much better off and there is no way he is going back there again! I have been advised to complain about this person to Ofsted as the manager and owner are so unwilling to act on these complaints (not just mine). I am unsure about this at the moment.
I cannot believe the effect one person can have. It's shocking when you think about it and I'm glad we realised what was happening when we did.


  1. Well done you. I think you should say something to someone, as you never know how many other vulnerable young children will be affected in the same way.

  2. This is awesome! I am so thrilled to read about all the many ways you are saying Yes to Chaos and, in doing so, trusting him. And the result - increased peace, joy and a deeper connection in your relationship with him. Go Kat!

    I did zero potty training with my youngest. I waited til he said No to nappies. And I said Yes to him. Within two weeks he was dry both day and night and we only had three 'accidents'. I need to find an alternate word because we teach babies to soil themselves in the first place by putting them in nappies rather than trusting them to communicate when they need to wee or poo. Check out Elimination Communication for baby - I wish I'd known about it before!!

    Whether Yes Parenting inspired any of your responses to the nursery situation or not, it doesn't matter. Yes Parenting introduced me to you and I am filled with so much joy reading this.

  3. Such amazing progress, I would consider mentioning everything that has happened because chaos may not be alone in that nursery with cross communication and fear.
    I'm so pleased he's much happier I know it has a massive effect on you and family life when he's happy so that's great :) high five gorgeous boy!xx


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