Friday, 8 August 2014

#BEDA Day 8

Today we are sharing what is in our bags. I have to be honest and say until I did this I had no idea how much junk I have been lugging abour with me! Do you know what's in your bag?

Here's a picture of all the junk in my bag. I didn't empty the little side pockets as they only contain "girly items" and you all know what they look like! 

1. My Glasses
2. My wallet
3. My keys
4. Various pens and a pencil.
5. Cherry lip balm
6. A note pad
7. The boys ISA books
8. A cheque from Birdseye which I have yet to pay in to my account
9. A nappy bag
10. My diary
11. My Drs appointment
12. Reciepts
13. Some chewing gum
14. Herbal throat lozenges
15. A tissue
16. A rubber?!
17. Three pennies
18. A broken Eeyore key fob


  1. I always end up with lots of junk in my bag too - usually receipts, bus tickets and used tissues from the kids (ick!). Carmex features in my bag too :) x

  2. I do too but luckily I cleared my nappy bag out other day. So all my receipts where in bin :)

  3. Glad to see were not that dissimilar ;)


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