Monday, 4 August 2014

#BEDA Days 1&2

Ok,  I realise I am a little late to the party but thats fashionable right?! I was reading my lovely cupcakes blog and saw that she has joined in with this linky for Emma at Outmumbered.  I joined in a few years ago and loved it so thought I would join in again this year. 
As I am starting a bit late I shall combine the first two days posts together to help me catch up. Without further ado...

Day 1: An Introduction and a Recent Photo... 

 I took this photo in my room a couple of weeks ago as I needed a profile pic for something. I don't look anywhere near as tired or worn out as I feel so Im quite happy to share it! 

I am Kat. I started my blog over 2 years ago as a way to offload. I was suffereing with severe post natal depression at the time and needed an outlet and to save bending y husbands ear every night! Hence the name,  Kat Sighs. I sighed a lot back then (and its also a little play on words..  Kats eyes - my view of the world). 

I have been married for 5 years and we have three lovely boys (who are also hard work) Their pictures are at the top of the page,  although I shall be updating it soon as we are expecting a little lady. She will be arriving in october so life is pretty hectic at the moment trying to prepare everything. We moved in January so we still have to decorate... 

I love my blog and the people I have met through writing it. I love to do swaps,  snail mail and attempt the occasional bit of crafting. I loved taking pictures,  especially macro shots but dont seem to have the time any more. In this long hot summer I have taken great pleasure in sorting out our garden and we now have a yurt as a child free haven. 

Ummm... What else...  I love stickers and dancing and music and bright colours and painting and rainbows and summer and animals and making things (even if they arent very good) and reading and buying presents for people and letters and really soft, fluffy things. Oh and the little things like travel toiletries,  just because they are small and cute. 

Oops,  that's quite long isn't it? Sorry! Anyway,  next! 

Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

Wow,  a whole 20?! Ummmm.... 

1. I was christened Kathryn Jane but I don't use Jane as I don't like it and it's not on my birth certificate. 

2. It is usually only my Mum that calls me Kathryn and means I'm in trouble... 

3. When I was younger I didn't want to have kids or get married. Now they they are the best things ever (bloody hard work too mind!) and I wouldn't be without them. 

4. I have three tattoos. A wolf,  a mushroom and a dolphin. 

5. I would love to have a "big day" as we got married in Gretna Green on our own

6. I want to take my bike test and travel round Europe with my husband. 

7. I feel a little daunted at the prospect of having a girl after nearly 15 years of parenting boys. 

8. I am not a huge fan of cats but love my dog. 

9. I owned a horse which used to follow me around. 

10. I am a Reiki Master 

11. I spent a month in South Africa on a conservation course and loved it. 

12. I love to travel and hope to see my friend in New Zealand one day. 

13. I would love to learn to scuba dive

14. I love coffee but it gives me headaches

15. I love travelling on trains

16. I have a thing for Toblerone at the moment

17. My favourite items of clothing are my fleecy pjs

18. My favourite film is Gone in 60 Seconds

19. I HATE having wet socks! 

20. I wanted to study wolves in America when I left college but ended up working at Bristol Zoo instead

Wow, that was quite hard! 


  1. Only you could have as random tattoos as that lol a mushroom!? Lol I forget that you've been to some lovely places :) hope you get to see more in the future. That photo is my fav of you you look lovely xx

  2. You can have a big day for your 10th or 15th anniversary... something milestone :) I plan on having a party and re-wearing my dress hahaha... or I might get a new dress!! lol. It's lovely to see you again by the way! Some of the prompts are the same as the list a couple years ago... :)


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