Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A Night Out!

Yes you did read that right, I went out. On a Friday night too! I never thought I'd have to wait at least a couple of years but Super Dad to the rescue and I had a pass to escape and socialise for the evening. Thanks to the powers of baby brain, I have no idea when I last went out so it has definitely been a while!

I was feeling quite nervous as I was invited out by a couple of friends from school who I haven't seen for a long time and I've never been out with them either so it was a double whammy! I refused to let my nerves ruin my night so I pretended to feel confident and I soon started to relax.

When we got to the station, it became obvious that there was a rugby match on. All the Bath supporters were buying tickets for our train too! It was a cosy trip into the city as we were packed in like sardines. Once we arrived we realised how cold it was so quickly headex off to the restaurant.

Opa! is an under ground Greek restaurant. Below is a picture of the bar. There was a group in who were attempting Zorbas dance whilst quite drunk, thanks to the 241 offer on cocktails!

We ordered 4 different cocktails so we could share them. This isn't a great photo but we had a Lemon drop, Pina colada, Zombie and Wild berry brumble. Later we tried Louisiana jam and a Frozen lagoon. My favourite was the Wild Berry Brumble by far. 

We soon settled down at our table and started perusing the menu. Being a little under the influence I decided on two starters. Taramasalata and Calimari. I love the cool greek dip and have always wondered what Squid tastes like but worried about the price. It was lightly fried but sprinkled with a lot of salt. Not being a fan of salt, I couldn't finish the plate which was a shame as it was otherwise very nice.

For my main course I chose Kleftiko. Welsh lamb with baby new potatoes and herbs. It was utterly delicious! We had to vacate our table for the second sitting at 9pm but as we had all finished this wasn't a problem.

Just outside is a heated seating area with a beautiful view of the weir. It is quiet and a wonderful place for a drink and a chat too. Also a great location for a few drunken selfies! 

We headed of to another bar but due to the freezing temperatures I had a latte instead of a chilly pint.

I am so glad I made it out to the big wide world again abd can't wait for next time but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a little bit daunting at first. 

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  1. Great that you got out and it wasn't as far in the future as you thought! Dads are ace haha well yours is anyway! Looks a great night I admire you I coukdbt do it well done I know how nervous you were xxx


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