Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Peaceful Wander

As it is Sunday and I'm feeling a bit tired today, I thought I would share the photos I took of the flowers in my garden last week. They certainly cheer the place up no end.  I love my garden sanctuary. 

These are the flowers on the Ornamental Elderflower which I think are so pretty. I love them. Its a shame they don't last long. 

Have you ever seen three headed daffodil? No, me either!

Pink Escalonia. Good for butterflies.

A pot of Rosemary, some lavender and Chaos' pot of strawberries.

My little Acer. Really hope I can keep this one alive. I love the colour of it.

Geraniums and Marigolds.

Front doorstep in the sunshine.

Some Red Broome.

This is my butterfly garden. Its all starting to take shape slowly. By next year it will look amazing, hopefully!

 A happy little garden addition that lives under the Ornamental Elderflower.

The fence feels like it has taken forever and it still isn't quite finished. Seeing these pictures together for the first time is quite an eye opener. It seems so open with no fence, I can't believe I waited so long before I started it!

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3


  1. I love the new garden keeps the riff raft out too ;) my parents are after a Broome they asked for one the other day and got sent to the garden tools area hahaha!! Xx

    1. Hahaha!! That's hilarious! I will see if I can take a cutting and bring it down next time I come. If they don't mind the wait 😜 xx


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