Sunday, 7 June 2015

Life Changing Kinesiology

On Friday,  I took Chaos and the little lady to see a Kinesiologist to have them both tested for food intolerances. A large number of people have suggested this may be the cause of the chaos in Chaos and my daughters breathing problems. As the doctors are not offering up any suggestions I booked them in with a lady at Neils Yard, in Bath. 
Kinesiology uses muscle testing to find and address imbalances in the body. It is a very gentle therapy that can be used alongside other therapies. When testing, you may be azked to hold out your arm while the therapist applies gentle pressure. The idea is for you to resist the pressure and maintain the position of your arm. This is easy if your body is in balance. If there is a weakness you will find it almost impossible to hold your arm straight under the same pressure. It is amazing and has to be tried to be believed! 

This is the method used on the kids to determine if there were any foods they couldn't tolerate. Chaos was in his element! A "strength" test and tons of compliments, he would have stayed longer if he could haha! The therapist cleverly tested different muscles to keep him interested and he thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. My lady had to sit on my lap and was tested through me. The idea was that I would act as a conducter for the response in her.

Little vials of liquid containing different foods were placed on our necks and the response of our muscles was recorded. The lady also checked which vitamins might help support the children as some people benefit more from one than another. She also advised me to take magnesium as I was out of balance. This is a common problem in mothers so maybe try some yourself and see if it helps.

The results were that my lady has an intolerance to cows milk but did not show as strong a reaction to yoghurt or cheese, as these are more processed I presume.
Chaos showed a marked response to wheat, oats and a slight reaction to sugar. Cutting these out of his diet will be challenging as they make up the bulk of what he eats and he is such a fussy child.

On the drive home I was thinking about how this would affect us. I still haven't fully got my head around it. I went shopping today for gluten free bread flour as I was sure it was cheaper than buying a loaf. I then realised that little lady may not be able  to eat it as it has powdered milk in it. This is really going to take some getting used to. I have replaced the main things like bread (which he doesn't like) and cereal and I will gradually replace everything else with a gluten free alternative.

Personally, this is one of my greatest nightmares. I have shopped with friends and watched them scanning the contents of everything they buy while I thank my lucky stars I can eat whatever I want. I know it isn't that big a deal but it feels utterly massive right now.

If you have any gluten free low sugar recipes, I'm all ears. If you have any without milk in that would be even better! Please share them as I have no idea what I'm doing to be honest!
Huge thanks in advance xx


  1. I feel for you Kat, my youngest was lactose intolerant so I had to do the looking at all the ingredients thing, you will be amazed to find how many of the things we eat daily have lactose in them. Good luck, and I really hope you see a change in Chaos. Joy x x

    1. Thanks Joy. I am really trying to get this in perspective but it's good to know others have been through the same thing ☺ xx

  2. When I was first diagnosed it was so so limited out there I can eat so much more now than ever before. You'll soon get used to it I think stores now have an alternative to most foods so he shouldn't miss out :) out of all that i think lowering sugar is harder, it's not so much sweets its that our foods contain so much! Pinterest is your new friend! X


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